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N394 ammeter, voltmeter N394, N394 milliammeter self-recording (N 394, N-394, h394, h 394, h-394)
For measurement and continuous recording of current and voltage in AC frequency from 45Hz to 10000Hz.
Dimensions 160x172x360mm.
Accuracy class 2.5.

Milliammeter N394, N394 ammeters, voltmeters N394 self-recording, panel, rectifier, odnopredelnye for measurement and continuous recording of current and voltage in alternating current frequency of 45 to 10,000 Hz.
Cl. 2.5.
Measuring range:
milliammeter: 5mA, 15mA, 25mA, 50mA, 150mA, 250mA, 500mA
Ammeter: 1 A, 1.5 A, 2.5 A, 5 A;
voltmeters: 5V, 15V, 25V, 50V, 150V, 250V, 500V.

Writing with ink in curvilinear coordinates.
Working width of the charts of 100 mm.
Chart speed tape 20, 60, 180, 600, 1800 and 5400 mm / h.
Chart tape length of at least 15 meters.
Scale length 100 mm.

The device consists of a measuring tape and mechanisms, the synchronous motor, timer.
Time recording error ± 0,5%.
Power to the motor from the AC voltage 127 or 220 V 50 Hz.
Dimensions 160x172x360 mm.

Photos N394

N394 (H394) front view (scale).
N394 (H394) front view (scale).
N394 (H394) side view (casing depth).
N394 (H394) side view (casing depth).
N394 (H394) rear view (connection).
N394 (H394) rear view (connection).

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