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N391 (H391)

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N391 portable recording milliammeter (N 391, N-391)
Milliammeter N391 portable recorder designed for continuous recording of measurements and small signal current in dc circuits.
Technical characteristics of the devices milliammeter N391 portable recorders:
Temperature - 5 º C to 50 º C;
Relative humidity - up to 80% at 25 º C;
Class of accuracy of the instrument milliammeter N391 portable recorder - 1.5;
Ranges - 5 mA;
Settling time moving part - no more than 2c;
The error of the instrument records the time milliammeter N391 portable recorder - ± 0,5%;
Recording is done in ink on the ribbon diagram in a rectangular coordinate system;
The speed of the diagram tape - 20 mm / h, 60 mm / h, 180 mm / h, 600 mm / h, 1800 mm / h, 5400mm / h;
The nominal width of the field recording device recording milliammeter N391 portable - 100mm;
The length of the diagram tape - 15m;
Operation mode setup time - 15 minutes;
Power supply portable recording milliammeter N391 - AC 220V 50 Hz frequency;
Dimensions - 165h165h275mm;
Weight of the device portable recording milliammeter N391 - 5.5 kg;
The device consists of a measuring tape and the mechanisms of writing a timer device, and the zero line;
MTBF unit milliammeter N391 portable recorder - at least 2,500 hours;
Average life - 6 years;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument milliammeter N391 portable recorder with the technical specifications in compliance with the conditions of the consumer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos H391

N391 (H391) device image.
N391 (H391) device image.
N391 (H391) front view.
N391 (H391) front view.
N391 (H391) side view.
N391 (H391) side view.
N391 (H391) rear view.
N391 (H391) rear view.
N391 (H391) overhead view.
N391 (H391) overhead view.
N391 (H391) bottom view.
N391 (H391) bottom view.