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Ammeter M42202, M42202 microammeter (M 42202, M-42202)
Ammeter M42202, M42202 microammeter designed for measurements in DC circuits on boards and panels for various applications.
Dimensions - 76h26h40mm.
Accuracy class - 2.5.
Dust sealed, splash-proof.
Technical characteristics of the instrument ammeters M42202, M42202 microammeter:
It is designed for measurements in DC circuits on boards and panels for various applications.
Principle of the device based on the interaction of the magnetic field of permanent magnet electric current passing along the winding frame unit.
Devices ammeter M42202, M42202 microammeter shield shaped, with a magnetoelectric system vnutriramochnym magnet.
Measuring element consists of a magnetic system (mount, magnetic circuit) reading device (scale, arrow) and the movable part in the cores.
Scale devices ammeter M42202, M42202 uniform microammeter with a zero mark on the edge and within the measurement range, with a horizontal scale of the figure - the initial mark on the left and vertical figure scale - initial mark from the bottom.
Devices ammeter M42202, M42202 microammeter structurally designed in black plastic housings to protect the measuring mechanism from dirt and damage, get into the dust and splashing water.
Measuring range:
100mkA, 150 mA; 200mkA; 250mkA; 300mkA; 400mkA; 500mkA; 600mkA; 1000mkA
How to enable devices ammeter M42202, M42202 microammeter:
Class of accuracy,%:
1.5, 2.5
Operating Conditions:
-50 º C. .. +60 ° C, 95% at +35 ° C. Shock: Acceleration of 100m / s 2, the frequency of strikes 10 ... 50 min
Overall dimensions ammeter M42202, M42202 microammeter, mm:
Weight, kg, max
0.2 kg

Photos M42202

M42202 device image.
M42202 device image.
M42202 front view (scale).
M42202 front view (scale).
M42202 side view (casing depth).
M42202 side view (casing depth).
M42202 rear view (connection).
M42202 rear view (connection).
M42202 overhead view.
M42202 overhead view.
M42202 bottom view.
M42202 bottom view.