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Block of signaling and adjusting P1731 (P-1731, P 1731)
Block of signaling and adjusting P1731 is intended to signal the release of the measured value of the feasible region and the regulation of this magnitude. Block work em complete with narrow profile devices unified set of analog signaling contact devices with optical pointer (ASC).
Dimensions 145x94x136mm.
P1731 provides two-position blocks the signaling and regulation.
Threshold units from 0.12 mA to 0.18 mA. Dwell time of 0.5 s. to 2 s. Changing the threshold due to the deviation of the ambient temperature from normal to any (within the operating temperature range) for every 10 K, does not exceed ± 0,04 mA. Changing the threshold due to the deviation of the supply voltage of +10% to -15% and frequency by ± 2% of the nominal value shall not exceed ± 0,02 mA.
Power supply is made ​​from the AC, 50 Hz ± 1 Hz 220V with a tolerance of +10% to -15%. Power consumption 10V ∙ A.
P1731 weight 2kg.
Time to failure of at least 27750ch. The service life of at least 6 years. In terms of resistance to climatic and mechanical effects in ordinary blocks in the tropical version correspond to GOST.

Photos P1731

P1731 front view.
P1731 front view.
P1731 side view.
P1731 side view.
P1731 rear view.
P1731 rear view.