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Voltammeter M231

Also this device can be referred to: M-231, M 231.


M231 voltammeter multirange is a portable instrument magnetoelectric system and is designed to measure DC current and voltage.


Specifications M231:


Accuracy class - 1,5.

Measurement limits current - 0,005 A; 0,05 A; 0,1 A; 1 A; 5 A; 10 A.

Measurement range voltage - 75 mV; 0,5 V; 1 V; 5 V; 10 V; 50 V; 100 V.

Maximum permissible error for all measuring ranges, expressed as a percentage of the final value of the measuring range - ±1,5%.

The input resistance - not less than 20 kOhm/V.


Voltage drop:

- in the range from 0,005 A to 1 A - not more than 0,5 V;

- in the ranges 5 A; 10 A - not more than 1 V.


Current full-scale deflection on all ranges - not more than 50 mcA.

Dielectric strength - 2 kV.

Scale voltammetry - bilateral, symmetrical.

Response time - no more than 3 seconds.

Measuring mechanism - ammeter magnetoelectric system.

Housing material - metal.

Panel material - plastic.

Reading device - drag pointer.

Dimensions - 181×179×95 mm.

Weight of voltammeters M231 - no more than 1,4 kg.


Operating conditions of devices voltammeters M231:


The ambient air temperature - from -30° C to +40° C.

Relative humidity at +30° C - 90%.

The degree of resistance to mechanical stress - plain with increased strength.

Degree of protection against external magnetic influences - category I.

Photos: M231

M231 device image.
M231 device image.
M231 device image.
M231 device image.
M231 front view.
M231 front view.
M231 front view.
M231 front view.
M231 side view.
M231 side view.
M231 rear view.
M231 rear view.
M231 overhead view.
M231 overhead view.
M231 bottom view.
M231 bottom view.

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