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Millivoltmeter M1105

Also this device can be referred to: M-1105, M 1105, m1105, m-1105, m 1105.


M1105 millivoltmeter is a portable device of magnetoelectric system and is designed to measure current and voltage in DC circuits.


Basic details of millivoltmeter M1105 is a permanent magnet and moving coil through which current flows, and springs. When current flows through the torque frame occurs under the action of which the movable part of the device is rotated around its axis at a certain angle.


Specifications M1105:



Accuracy class - 0.2.

Limits of measurement - from 45 mV to 75 mV; 3 V.

Length scales millivoltmeter - 140 mm.

Full-scale deflection current - 0.5 mA.

Settling time moving part - 3 s.


Dimensions - 243×200×106 mm.

Weight of millivoltmeters:

- without box - 3.0 kg;

- with case - 4.1 kg.


Housing material - plastic.

Reading device - drag pointer.

The moving part M1105 is mounted on the banners.


Operating conditions M1105:


Ambient temperature - +10° C to +35° C.

Relative humidity - 80%.

The degree of resistance to mechanical stress - ordinary.

Degree of protection against external magnetic influences - category I.


The manufacturer guarantees the conformity of devices millivoltmeters requirements of existing technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: M1105

М1105 device image.
М1105 device image.
М1105 view panel of the device.
М1105 view panel of the device.
М1105 side view.
М1105 side view.
М1105 side view.
М1105 side view.
М1105 side view.
М1105 side view.
М1105 bottom view.
М1105 bottom view.