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Ammeter M1635, M1635 microammeter (M 1635, M-1635)
Ammeter M1635, M1635 microammeter designed to measure DC and other electrical, magnetic and non-electrical quantities, if they are normalized values ​​in units of current testimony, as well as for signaling on the measured value of the area and the nominal values ​​of radio built into the hardware.
Dimensions - 120h60h180mm.
Accuracy Class - 0.5.
Narrow, splash-proof, dust-protected.
Technical characteristics of the devices ammeters M1635, M1635 microammeter:
Ammeter M1635, M1635 Narrow microammeter used to work at an ambient temperature of -30 º C to +50 ° C and a relative humidity of 90% (at 30 o C).
Devices manufactured in tropical version, designed for operation at ambient temperatures from 0 º C to 60 ° C and relative humidity of 98%.
Resistance to mechanical impact devices ammeter M1635, M1635 microammeter are common.
Measuring range: 25mkA-0mkA-25mkA; 50mkA; 50mkA-0mkA-50mkA and 100mkA.
Accuracy class instruments - 0.5.
Burst Tolerance photosensitive elements ammeter instruments M1635, M1635 microammeter not exceed ± 2%.
Output current varies from photoconductive 30mkA (no more) in a dark state to 250mkA (at least) in an illuminated state when powered from a voltage source of 10V and the lamp fixture heater voltage not exceeding 5V.
The voltage drop across the ammeter instruments M1635, M1635 microammeter less than 60mV.
Dining lamp fixture made from any source of AC voltage 5.0 V.
This voltage must not exceed ± 10%.
Photosensitive elements of the devices ammeter M1635, M1635 microammeter provide activate the alarm device at the approach of a light pointer to point to the left to the right scale, corresponding to 33%, and at the approach of left-to-point scale, corresponding to 103% of the total current deviation.
In devices with double the scale of operation occurs at the approach of a light pointer to point scale, corresponding to 103% of the total current deviation.
Settling time of less than 4 seconds.
Ammeters, microammeter Narrow M1635 have one or two scales.
Change the ammeter readings M1635, M1635 microammeter caused deviation of ambient temperature from normal, does not exceed ± 0,4% for every 10 deg, when the instrument is in a ferromagnetic shield 3mm thick - no more than ± 0,25% of full scale value (and for devices with two-sided scale - the amount of full scale value).
Weight - no more than 0.7 kg.
Gauges Ammeter M1635, M1635 microammeter have a flat cast aluminum alloy housing, closed the lid.Inside the case are available magnetoelectric measuring mechanism with vnutriramochnym magnet, with a movable part fixed to the internal braces.

Photos M1635

M1635 device image.
M1635 device image.
M1635 front view (scale).
M1635 front view (scale).
M1635 side view (casing depth).
M1635 side view (casing depth).
M1635 rear view (connection).
M1635 rear view (connection).
M1635 overhead view.
M1635 overhead view.
M1635 bottom view.
M1635 bottom view.