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The device is produced in 2018.

All measurement ranges and settings are available.

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    Megaohmmeter M1604 (M 1604, M-1604, m1604, m 1 604, m-1604)
Megger M1604 - a device for measuring the insulation resistance of networks of direct and alternating current, and in the disconnected networks, the mobile device is used in power plants.
Measurement range - 0 - 5MOm.
The basic error - not bolem ± 2,5%.
The frequency at the rated voltage 127V, 220V, 380V - 50Hz.

Power consumption:
- Monitored network - ≤ 80W.
- Supply chain - ≤ 5W.
Overall dimensions - 120 × 120 × 145mm.
Weight - 2 kg.
Megger M1604 - a device with a dial, complete with an additional device such as R1804 / 1, is designed to measure the insulation resistance of networks of direct and alternating current frequency to 800Hz, under voltage from 0V to 1200V. The device is also applicable to mobile M1604 power plants.
Structural features M1604

The device M1604 is manufactured in the body splash-proof and designed for flush mounting on a vertical panel. Separate additional devices such as R1804 / 1 is designed for mounting on the back of the shield.
Megger M1604 has a cylindrical steel shell, square cast aluminum alloy cover and plastic base. Cases Megaohmmeter M1604 and auxiliary inputs are painted in a light gray color.

    Specifications M1604

    The length scale of the device - 175mm. Settling time the device is less than 3 seconds.
Change readings megger M1604 can have the following values:
- Due to the ambient temperature deviation from the nominal (within the operating temperature) does not exceed ± 1,2% every 10 º;
- When installing the product on a ferromagnetic shield - no more than ± 0,5%.
Operating conditions M1604

    M1604 testers are used at an ambient temperature of -40 º C to +50 ° C and 100% RH (at 50 ° C). M1604 allows operation at a temperature of -50 º C to +65 ° C and 100% RH (at 50 ° C).

Photos: M1604

M1604 front view (scale).
M1604 front view (scale).
M1604 side view (casing depth).
M1604 side view (casing depth).
M1604 rear view (connection).
M1604 rear view (connection).
R1804/1M (P1804/1M) front view (operation).
R1804/1M (P1804/1M) front view (operation).
R1804/1M (P1804/1M) side view.
R1804/1M (P1804/1M) side view.
R1804/1M (P1804/1M) rear view (scheme).
R1804/1M (P1804/1M) rear view (scheme).
R1804/1M (P1804/1M) overhead view (connection).
R1804/1M (P1804/1M) overhead view (connection).