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    Secondary device I1619 (I 1619, I-1619)
    Secondary device I1619 - product intended for use in the kit with tachometer K1803.
    Class of accuracy:
    - For units with zero within the measurement range 1.0;
    - For units with zero on the left 1.5.

    Overall dimensions - 120×120×166mm.
    Weight - 1.5 kg.
    High-impact, vibration, shock-resistant for harsh environments

Specifications I1619

    The normal position of the device I1619 - horizontal, vertical or inclined at an angle of 15 °, 30 °, 45 °, 60 ° or 75 ° to the horizontal.
    Nominal voltage of the device I1619 - 10V. Response time less than 3s. Grating angle 230 °; Scale length 185mm.
    Secondary devices I1619 have time to failure of at least 42,500 hours under normal conditions of use. Lifetime I1619 - not less than 15 years.

    The manufacturer guarantees that the device specification requirements under normal use, storage, transportation and installation.
    Vtorinnye I1619 devices meet the requirements for ensuring safety of life, health, consumer and environmental protection.