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Discount 50% on panel round-witted devices and stretching.

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The device is produced in 2018.

All measurement ranges and settings are available.

It is possible to customize any special scales.


Additional device R1826 (R1826/1, R1826/2 R1826/4 R1826/7, R-1826/7, R-1826.1/7, R 1826/7, R 1826.1/7, p1826, p1826/7, p1826. 1/7, p-1826/7, p-1826.1/7, p 1826/7, p 1826.1/7)
Vibration-proof, shock-proof.
Delivered to round scale frequency counter brands TS1426, TS1426.1, TS1626, TS1626.1, TS1506, D1506, TS1606, D1606 and analogues.
Technical characteristics of devices additional device R1826:
Rated voltage - 127V, 220V, 380V;
Measurement range of frequency - 45Hz-55Hz, 55 Hz-65 Hz, 350 Hz 450Gts;
Output current R1826 - 1mA-5mA (on request);
Dimensions - 110x168x95mm;
Weight - 1.7 kg;
Time to failure of at least 49000ch. The service life of R1826 at least 25 years.

Photos: R1826

R1826 (P1826) overhead view (wiring diagram).
R1826 (P1826) overhead view (wiring diagram).
R1826 (P1826) side view (terminals).
R1826 (P1826) side view (terminals).
R1826 (P1826) side view (terminals).
R1826 (P1826) side view (terminals).