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Signal generator G3-33 (G-3-33, G 3-33.)

Generator G3-33 - is a source of sinusoidal oscillations of the FIR electric sonic and ultrasonic frequencies. The device for adjusting and testing of low-frequency radio equipment cascades.
Frequency range: 20 to 200 000Gts.
Output impedance is calculated on the agreed load 6, 60, 600 and 6000Om.
Power supply: AC mains voltage of 220V, 50 Hz.
Power consumption is less than 150W.
The instrument is designed for use in laboratory and plant conditions.
Generators G3-33 - table-top devices, consisting of 3 blocks located on different chassis at an angle of 90 º to the lower chassis. The lower horizontal chassis located: a master oscillator and an output device, separated by a partition. On the right is a vertical output amplifier chassis, on the left - the power supply and a voltmeter. All units are electrically connected to each other crosses, soldered to the mounting block.
The frequency range of the generator G3-33 is located behind the front panel and a closed plexiglass. For a smooth rotation of the scale used Vernier device. All controls and indicators located on the front panel n have the proper engraving. Dimensions generator G3-33 are 550x350x360mm and weight - not more than 30 kg.
Specifications G3-33
The entire range overlaps with the four sub-bands:
1st 20-200Hz;
2nd 200-2000Hz;
3rd      2000 20000G p;
4th      20000-200000G p.
Frequency drift after 30 minutes As a preliminary warm-up does not exceed:
-    for the first hour of 0,0025 F Hz,
-    for the next seven hours of 0,0015 F Hz
Limits smooth frequency detuning ± 0,015 F Hz.
Frequency tolerance seems to ± (0,02 F +1) Hz. Input mismatch error seems to ± (0,003 + 0,3) H z.
Normal output device generator G3-33 is 0.5 W, and the maximum - that is 5V Harmonic distortion under load 600O m, connected to the output of the attenuator shall not exceed:
-    with an output of 0.5 tons per hour in quencies of 400 to 5000g n - 0.3%;
-    at frequencies from 50 to 390g c, from 5.1 to 20kHz - 0.7%;
- The output power at 5V t often s from 60 to 20 000G n - 3%.
Frequency response at the frequency of 1000 Hz in the unloading of 600O m, connected to the output of Atte nyuatora, and rated power generators 0.5 m does not exceed ± 0,5 dB in the frequency range from 20 kHz up to 20G y and ± 1dB in the range of frequencies from zone 20 to 200kg cwt.
G3-33 generator has an output impedance, calculated on the matched load 6, 60, and 600 m 6000O change in the output voltage are carried out by smoothly, and with a 10dB attenuator steps up to 100dB relative to the output level.
Accuracy divisions attenuators 600 ohm resistive load does not exceed:
- 0.5 dB in the frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz for attenuation from +30 to -70 dB;
- ± 0,5 dB in the frequency range from 20,000 to 200000Gts for attenuation from +30 to - 30 dB;
- ± 1dB over the frequency range from 20 000 to 200 000Gts for attenuation of -40 to +70 dB.
The voltage at the input attenuator generator G3-33 is controlled by a galvanometer, the main naya calibration error does not exceed ± 2,5% of full scale measurements of rhenium at a frequency of 1000 Hz.
When the supply voltage of ± 10% of the generator output voltage does not vary more than ± 2%.
Operating conditions
Normal operating conditions of the generator are:
- Ambient temperature - from +10 º C to +35 º C;
- Relative humidity - 60%;
- Atmospheric pressure -

Photos: G3-33

G3-33 generator image.
G3-33 generator image.
G3-33 front view.
G3-33 front view.
G3-33 side view.
G3-33 side view.
G3-33 rear view.
G3-33 rear view.
G3-33 overhead view.
G3-33 overhead view.
G3-33 bottom view.
G3-33 bottom view.