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Generator G3-7A (G 3-7A; G-3-7A; g 3-7a; g-3-7а).

    Generator G3-7A - The instrument used to test and adjust the various broadband video frequency, check and adjust the video amplifiers of various electronic equipment.
    Key Features G3-7A
    - Frequency range 20Hz - 10MHz;
    - The frequency of error of ± 2% ± 2 Hz;
    - The output voltage at the load 75 ohm: 0 - 2B;
    - Output voltage at 1000 ohm load: 1 - 30V;
    - The main error of the voltage levels of 5 - 10%;
    - Harmonic Distortion: 3%;
    - Power supply voltage: 220V, 50Hz;
    - Power consumption of 350W.
    Unit Dimensions - 540h370h370 mm, weight - not more than 30 kg. Generator G3-7A can be used to remove the frequency characteristics of amplifiers, line filters.

    Technical characteristics of the generator G3-7A
    The range of frequencies generated by the following sub-bands:
    1st 20Hz-200Hz;
    2nd 200Hz-2000Hz;
     3rd 2kHz to 20kHz;
    4th 20kHz-200kHz;
    5th 200kHz-500Hz;
    6th 500kHz-1,4 MHz;
    7th-4 MHz 1.4 MHz;
    8th 4MHz-10MHz.
    At each sub-band device G3-7A, except at the 1st sub-band, the stock of Mr. overlap at the edges of at least 5% of the frequency sub-bands at the digitized point. The basic error of the frequency does not exceed ± 2% ± 2 Hz hectare in all frequency ranges.
    Generators G3-7A have the following error of the output voltage at the socket 0-30V:
    - In the frequency range from 30Hz to 5MHz not exceed ± 5% of the nominal value of the relevant range of the instrument;
    - In the range of 20 Hz to 100 Hz and from 5MHz to 10MHz does not exceed ± 10% 'of the nominal value corresponding to the scale of the instrument
    Spurious amplitude modulation of the output signal G3-7A frequencies 1st - 4th sub-bands is not more than 5%. Additional error of the output voltage at the end of the cable attaches to on Mr. ruzochnym resistance does not exceed 15% in the frequency range from 20Hz to 10MHz
    Frequency response unit G3-7A within each subband not exceed:
    - 2D6 in the frequency range from 20Hz to 200kHz;
    - 3dB over the frequency range from 200 kHz to 500 kHz;
    - 3.5 dB in the frequency range from 500 kHz to 1.4 MHz;
    - 4.5 dB in the frequency range from 1.4 MHz to 4 MHz;
    - 7.5 dB in the frequency range from 4MHz to 10MHz.
     Total harmonic distortion at the output voltage up to 30V and load 1000Om not exceed:
    - 3% for frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz;
    - 5% at frequencies from 20Hz to b0Gts.
    Generators G3-7A allow continuous operation for eight hours, including time samoprogreva. The pre samoprogreva device is no more than an hour. MTBF - 800 minutes.
    Operating conditions G3-7A
    For optimum performance the ambient temperature should be 5 ° ± 2 ° C, relative humidity 65 ± 15%. Atmospheric pressure 750 ± 30 min Hg. Art.
    Operating conditions generator G3-7A
    - Ambient temperature of +10 to +35 ° C;
    - Relative humidity up to 80% at a temperature of 20 ° C.

Photos: G3-7A

G3-7A generator image.
G3-7A generator image.