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    Generator function GF-07 (GF 07; GF07)
    Generator GF-07 - for product research, configure, test and repair systems and devices operating in subsonic and low frequencies.
    Signal generation type:
    - Periodic harmonic signal;
    - A periodic sequence of rectangular pulses with a duty cycle of 2;
    - A periodic sequence of triangular pulses with the same rise time, and the cutoff period equal to the duration of the pulse;
    - Periodic ECG signal.

    Frequency range - 0.02 Hz - 75 Hz.
    Mode of operation - continuous.
    Power - AC 220V, 50Hz.
    Power consumption - 25W.

Overall dimensions of the generator - no more than 255 × 205 × 105mm.
    - Not more than 3 kg;
    - A full set of supply - not more than 4.5 kg.
    GF-07 generators are commonly used when working with devices and systems used in electronics, automation, instrumentation, biophysics and medicine.

Specifications GF-07

    Generator GF-07 Installation of frequency allows the following error:
    - 1.5% (in the range of 0.35 Hz - 280Gts);
    - 0.5% (for the other bands).

Division ratio of the divider output signal voltage swing sostavlyaet1000 ± 5.
    The scope of the output voltage signal with external load resistance of at least 1k and a capacity of no more than 300pF is in the range of 0.03 mV - 10 mV and 0.03 V - 10V.

Generators GF-07 when setting the amplitude of the output voltage signal have the error:
    - ± 1,5 (for the range of 0.3V - 10V);
    - ± 2% (range 0.3 mV - 10 mV);
    - ± 2,5% (for the range 0.1 - 0.2);
    - ± 3% (for the range of 0.2 mV - 2 mV);
    - ± 8% (range of 0.03 V to - 0.05 V);
    - ± 9,5% (for the range of 0.03 mV - 0.5 mV).

    Harmonics (Kg) sine wave sweep from 2V to 10V in the frequency range 20Hz - 300Hz is less than 1.5%, in the range of 300Hz-600Hz - do not exceed 2%.     The nonlinearity coefficient of triangular pulses does not exceed 1%.

Generator GF-07 plays a mixed signal formed by the superposition of two signals on each other:
    - Harmonic signal with a frequency of 40Hz and scope 1B and 1 mV;
    - Bipolar rectangular signal with a duty cycle of two and 2Hz smoothly adjustable scale ranging from 0mV (V) to 5mV (B). Permissible relative error of the amplitude of the harmonic component when the magnitude of the mixed signal in the range of 1V to 6V should not exceed 1%, and in the range of 1 mV to 6MV 2%.

Generator GF-07 retains its specifications within the established norms when powered from the mains, AC and DC voltage of 220V ± 22V, 50 Hz ± 0,5 Hz.
    Isolation of a circuit generator GF-07 can withstand without breakdown and the overlap with normal voltage 1500V (rms) at a power breakdown is not less than 0.5 kVA (at 50 MHz).

GF-07 generators have the following insulation resistance of a circuit:
    - Under normal circumstances at least 20MOM;
    - At ambient temperature +35 ° C for at least 5MOm,

    Average recovery time is over 4 hours. Mean time between failures is at least 3200 hours, installed failure operating time 650 hours. Average service life of the generator GF-07 is 8 years old.

Terms of use GF-07

    Generators GF-07 are designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature from +10 ° C to + 35 ° C;
    - Relative humidity: 30% - 80% (at 25 ° C);
    - Atmospheric pressure 84kPa - 106.7 kPa;
- Supply voltage AC 220V ± 22V, with a frequency of 50 Hz.

Photos GF-07

GF-07 device image.
GF-07 device image.
GF-07 front view.
GF-07 front view.
GF-07 side view.
GF-07 side view.
GF-07 rear view.
GF-07 rear view.
GF-07 overhead view.
GF-07 overhead view.
GF-07 bottom view.
GF-07 bottom view.