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EK1-6 Calibrator EK1-6 high resistance and low currents


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Calibrator EK1-6 high resistance and low currents (EK16, EK1 6)
EK1-6 calibrator for measuring the parameters of components and circuits with lumped parameters.
It is intended for testing of meters high resistance (teraommetrov) meters of low current (electrometers) and nanovoltmeter.
    Calibrators EK1-6 work with any teraommetra test voltage (1V-1000V). Information reproducible values ​​displayed on the digital display. The device is equipped with a set of special adapters for easy and direct connection with its Check your instrument.
Basic data
The playback range: Resistance May 10 - October 19 Ohm current 10 -3 - 10 -17 A, 10 V -3 - 10 -9 V.
Playback error:
resistance 0.1-30% (for R = 1.10 ohms 18 - 5%);
current 0.2-25% (at I = 3.10 -17% A-15);
Voltage 1-20%.
Increments reproducible values ​​≤ 0,1% of the set value.
Cycle time playback 14-140 min
Overall dimensions 488 mm x480x133.
Weight 16 kg.