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E7-10 LCR meter E7-10.


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LCR meter E7-10 (E710, E-7-10, E 7 10, E7 10)
LCR meter E7-10 is designed for a quick check of serviceability of the various electronic components.
This makes it an indispensable device in the field of electronics and instrumentation.
Additional features allow you to perform measurements of the most complete, because the device is characterized by a wide range of operating frequencies.
Low degree of accuracy, high reliability and ease of device operation it is isolated from other device measuring parameters of resistance and conductivity of the electrical network.
Technical characteristics of the instrument gauges LCR E7-10:
Measurement of capacitance, inductance, resistance, dielectric loss tangent.
Measurement ranges LCR meter unit E7-10:
- Capacity - 0.01 pF to 100mkF;
- Inductance - 0.1 g to 1000g;
- Resistance - from 0.001 ohms to 10MOm;
- Conductance - from 0.1 nS to 1 cm.
The frequency measurement unit measuring LCR E7-10 - 1000 Hz.
The voltage on the measured unit - 4.3 V.
Dimensions of the instrument meter E7-10 LCR - 490h175h355mm;
Weight - 16kg.
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument meter E7-10 LCR technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.