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RLC meter E7-20 (E720, E-7-20, E 7 20, E7 20)
RLC meter E7-20 is designed to measure the inductance (Ls, Lp), capacitance (Cs, CP), resistance (Rs, Rp), conductance (Gp), the loss factor (D), quality factor (Q), the impedance modulus | Z |, the reactance (Xs), the angle of phase shift, the leakage current.
Special features
- 5-digit display;
- Mathematical processing of measurement results;
- RS-232C;
- The working frequency of 25 Hz-1 MHz;
- The level of the measuring signal - 0.04 B-1B;
Objects measuring device RLC meter E7-20: isolated and grounded capacitors, inductors, transformers, resistors, relays, switches, diodes, cables, input resistance and capacitance of oscilloscopes, voltmeters, and other devices.
In the presence of the sensor device can measure various physical quantities.
Using a measuring device E7-20 RLC:
- Quality control of ERE in the input and output control and repair;
- Metrological certification of measuring instruments and various functional devices (relays, switches, etc.);
- The valuation parameters of microelectronics, semiconductor (diode varicap, transistors) and a variety of materials (ferrites, dielectrics, etc.);
- Research, monitoring and control of technological processes.
Technical characteristics of the devices Meters RLC E7-20:
Type of measuring instrument meter E7-20 RLC - capacitance, inductance, resistance, conductance, impedance, reactance, phase angle shift, Q;
The ranges of measured values:
- Capacity - 10 to 15 F-1F;
- And nduktivnost - 1 0 -11 TR-TR April 10;
- And ktivnoe resistance - 1 0 -5 ohm-September 10 ohms;
- N rovodimost - D-10 -11 10 cm;
- Modulus of the complex resistance - 10 -11 ohm-10 ohm;
- Reactance - 10 -5 ohm-September 10 ohms;
- The angle of the phase shift - 180,0 ° - +179,9 °;
Quality factor, loss factor instrument measuring RLC E7-20 - 10 -4 -10 4;
Leakage current - 10 mA-10 mA -6;
The basic error of the instrument meter E7-20 RLC:
- L, C, R - ± 0,1%;
- D, Q - ± 0,001%;
Operating frequencies - 25 Hz-1 MHz (Over 1975 fixed frequencies);
Time of one measurement unit measuring RLC E7-20:
- Fast - 40 ms;
- The norm - 400ms;
The repetition period of measurement - 0.04 s-0, 4c;
The choice of sub-band device RLC meter E7-20 - automatic and manual;
Measuring signal levels - 0.04 B-1B;
The bias voltage:
- Internal - 0V-40V;
- External - 0V-120V;
Averaging device RLC meter E7-20 - and 10 h, and 100 individual measurements;
General Requirements.
- An indicator - a powerful, 5p;
- M atematicheskaya processing of measurement results - yes;
- And the user interface afterwards, the interface functions - RS-232C, fully-functional;
Power supply meter E7-20 RLC - to et 220 ± 10%, 50Hz;
Power consumption - 10 V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 130h265h300mm;
Weight of the device RLC meter E7-20 - 3.5 kg;
Operating Temperature - 5 º C-40 ° C;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument meter E7-20 RLC technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: E7-20

E7-20 meter image.
E7-20 meter image.
E7-20 front view.
E7-20 front view.
E7-20 side view.
E7-20 side view.
E7-20 rear view.
E7-20 rear view.
E7-20 overhead view.
E7-20 overhead view.
E7-20 bottom view.
E7-20 bottom view.