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Immittance meter E7-21 (E721, E-7-21, E 7 21, E7 21)
Immittance meter E7-21 is designed for quality control of ERE in the input and output control and maintenance, monitoring and control of technological processes.
Parameters measured: inductance (Ls, Lp), capacitance (Cs, CP), resistance (Rs, Rp), conductance (Gp), the loss factor (D), quality factor (Q).
Immittance meter E7-21 - an inexpensive instrument accuracy class of 0.15% with greater functionality.
Measurement objects: capacitors, inductors, transformers, resistors, relays, switches, diodes, cables, input resistance and capacitance oscilloscopes, voltmeters, and other devices.
With appropriate sensors can measure various physical quantities.
Technical characteristics of the instrument gauges immittance E7-21:
- measurement range
- Capacity - 10-14 F-0, 02F;
- Inductance - 10-8 GN-16∙103 GN;
- Active Impedance - 10-4 ohm-2∙107 ohms;
- Conductivity - 10-10 cm-10cm;
- Q-factor, the loss factor - 10-3 -103;
The basic error of the instrument meter E7-21 immittance:
- Capacitance, inductance, resistance - ± 0,15%;
- Conductivity, Q - ± 0,004%;
The operating frequencies of the instrument meter E7-21 immittance - 0.1 kHz and 1 kHz;
Accuracy rate - 0.02%;
Measurement time - 700ms;
The choice of sub-band instrument measuring immittance E7-21 - automatic and manual;
Measuring signal levels - 100mV ± 20mV, 1V ± 0,2 V;
The bias voltage - Internal 2B ± 0,2 V;
Averaging the instrument meter E7-21 immittance - 10 single measurements;
Multi-function display;
Power - 220V ± 22V network, 50Hz;
Power consumption - 10 V ∙ A;
Dimensions of the instrument meter E7-21 immittance - 88x220x300mm;
Weight - 2kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument meter E7-21 immittance technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: E7-21

E7-21 meter image.
E7-21 meter image.
E7-21 front view.
E7-21 front view.
E7-21 side view.
E7-21 side view.
E7-21 rear view.
E7-21 rear view.
E7-21 overhead view.
E7-21 overhead view.
E7-21 bottom view.
E7-21 bottom view.