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    Voltmeter E396A (E-396A, E 396A, E396A, E-396A, E 396A, Є396A, Є-396A, 396A Є, e396a, e-396a, e 396a)
    Voltmeter E396A - SlimLine instrument used to measure the voltage in alternating current frequency of 50 Hz.

    The limits of measurement - 0 - 250V.
    Accuracy class - 1.5.
    Accuracy class switching contact device - 2.0.
    Overall dimensions - 160 × 30 × 272,5 mm.
    Weight - 0.5 kg.

    E396A voltmeters are designed to operate in a horizontal position to the vertical panels or consoles angle up to 72 ° from the horizon.
    The device works complete with a three-position block signaling and regulation of type BU1-03D or any regulating device, the input signal is consistent with the parameters of photoresists.

    Specifications E396A

    The output current of the contact device voltmeter E396A has the following values:
    - No more than 50mkA dark state at a supply voltage of lamp 6V;
    - At least 250mkA in a light state of the supply voltage 5V and video light when ambient light is not a 400lk.
    Voltmeter E396A may change their testimony depending on the influence of various external factors:
    - Temperature deviates from the normal - no more than ± 1,2% at 10 K;
    - Under the influence of a magnetic field strength of 50 Hz 400 A / m - not more than ± 2,5% of the measuring range.
    Settling time of the mobile device E396A is less than 4 seconds. Failure to return the light pointer to the zero point of the scale does not exceed 1.8 mm.
    Voltmeter for PVCs E396A MTBF is at least 33,000 hours.

Photos: E396A

E396A front view (scale).
E396A front view (scale).
E396A side view (casing depth).
E396A side view (casing depth).
E396A rear view (connection).
E396A rear view (connection).
E396A overhead view.
E396A overhead view.