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Voltmeter narrow profile E396 (E-396, E 396, E396, E-396, e396, e-396, e 396)

To measure the voltage in alternating current of 50 Hz.
Dimensions 160h30h272, 5mm.
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Accuracy class switching contact device - 2.0.
Voltmeter narrow profile E396  is designed to measure the voltage in alternating current of 50 Hz.
The variation of the readings does not exceed the permissible basic error. Failure to return the light pointer to the zero point of the scale does not exceed 1.8 mm. The final value of the measuring range 250V.
Voltmeter narrow profile E396 designed to operate in a horizontal position to the vertical panels or consoles angle up to 72 ° from the horizon. Settling time moving part does not exceed 4s.
Change readings caused by a deviation from the normal temperature does not exceed ± 1,2% at 10 K, under the influence of a magnetic field strength of 50 Hz 400 A / m - not exceed ± 2,5% of the measuring range.
Weight 0.5 kg.
Signaling contact and modifications to the unit E396 are used to signal when the output of the measured values ​​of range change in color of the light pointer.
The device works complete with a three-position block signaling and regulation of type BU1-03D or any regulating device, the input signal is consistent with the parameters of photoresists.
The output current of the contact device is not a 50mkA dark state at a supply voltage of lamp 6V and at least 250mkA in a light state of the supply voltage 5V and video light when ambient light is not a 400lk.
Mean time between failures is 33000ch. In terms of resistance to climatic influences device complies with GOST.

Photos E396

E396 front view (scale).
E396 front view (scale).
E396 side view (casing depth).
E396 side view (casing depth).
E396 rear view (connection).
E396 rear view (connection).
E396 overhead view.
E396 overhead view.