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Wattmeter D366, D366 varmetr (D 366, D-366)
Wattmeters D366, D366 varmetrs designed to measure active and reactive power in AC circuits.
Resistance to climatic influences wattmeter D366, D366 varmetr match GOCT 22 261 -76 (group 6).
According to the mechanical effects wattmeter D366, D366 varmetr are vibration resistant, shock and vibration.             
Accuracy Class 1.5 devices D366.
Measuring range D366: 1kW (quarter) - 3 ∙ 10 7 kW (quartz).
Rated active power factor cos φ = 1.
Rated current 5A.
Wattmeters D366, D366 varmetrs designed for direct connection to the voltage of 127V, 220V and 380V or via current transformers with secondary current 5A and 1A and a voltage measuring transformers with a secondary voltage of 100V.
Dimensions of devices D366: 160x160 mm, weight 1,2 kg.
Mean time between failures of at least 33,000 hours
Devices correspond to TU 25-04.3295 - 77.

Photos D366

D366 front view (scale).
D366 front view (scale).
D366 side view (casing depth).
D366 side view (casing depth).
D366 rear view (connection).
D366 rear view (connection).