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Сельсин ШД-300/300-2А, ШД 300/300-2А, ШД300/300-2А
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ShM-4 MU3

3 000 RUB   |   3 000 UAH   |  available: 11 pieces
     Stepper motor ShD-4 MU3
     Stepper motor stepper motor ShD-4 MU3 - product intended for use in machine tool and instrument, as well as in the mechanisms of computers and automation.
     Step size - 1,5 º.
     Nominal pick-up - at least 800shag / s.

     Mode of operation of ShD-4 MU3:

     - Long, working out at a frequency of no more than 800 paces step / s;
     - Using a fixed parking intermittent reversible after each cycle at cycle 10 minutes, including 8 minutes at a frequency of 800shag / s, the rest of the cycle mode fixed parking.

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ShD-5D1 MU3

2 999 RUB 2 499 RUB  |   2 499 UAH   |  available: 19 pieces
ShD-5D1 MU3 device image.

    Stepper motor stepper motor ShD-5D1 MU3 (ShD-5D1 MU3; ShD5D1 MU3; ShD5D1MU3)
     Stepper motor
ShD-5D1 MU3 - a product designed to convert electrical pulses into discrete angular movements and achieve high performance, in particular, small angle step.
     Step size - 1.5
     Nominal pick-up - at least 2000shag / s.
     Maximum frequency:
     - By boosting of the resistor - 8000shag / s;
     - By e-boosting of - 16,000.
     Number of phases - 6.
     Mode - continuous.

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ШД300/300 А

ШД300/300 А, ШД 300/300 А, ШД-300/300 А. Двигатели шаговые .
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ShD-5D1 MU3ShM-4 MU3ШД-300/300-2А
ШД300/300 А