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ShD-5D1 MU3

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Stepper motor stepper motor ShD-5D1 MU3 (ShD-5D1 MU3; ShD5D1 MU3; ShD5D1MU3)

Stepper motor ShD-5D1 MU3 - a product designed to convert electrical pulses into discrete angular movements and achieve high performance, in particular, small angle step.
DC supply voltage resistive boosting of -
Current in the phase winding mode, a fixed parking space (between 48V and included three phases) -
Step size - 1.5
Nominal pick-up - at least 2000shag / s.
Maximum frequency:
- By boosting of the resistor - 8000shag / s;
- By e-boosting of - 16000shag / s.
Number of phases - 6.
Mode - continuous.
Weight - 2.2 kg.
Dimensions ShD-5D1 MU3 served in Figure 1.
ShD-5D1 MU3 dimensional drawing of the product

Figure 1. ShD-5D1 MU3 dimensional drawing of the product.

    Specifications ShD-5D1 MU3

    Degree of protection - JP44.
    The form of execution - JM4091.
    Insulation Class - F    
    Stepper motors SM-5D1 MU3 allow static error of ± 27min mining step.
    Rated torque load is 0, 1N'm. A rated load moment of inertia - of 4 × 10 6 kg / m 2.

    Stepper motors ShD-5D1 MU3 have a maximum acceleration at a nominal supply voltage of at least 2800shag / s. Maximum static torque stepper motor stepper motor with ShD-5D1 MU3 at the moment of inertia of the load of 2 × 10 6 kg / m 2 and a different frequency control pulses have different torque Currently, the value is filed in Table 1.
Table 1.
Response frequency in Hz
Torque, N 'm
8000 - 16000
Stepper motor ShD-5D1 MU3 is intended for use in the following conditions:
    - Environment temperature is from -45 º C and +40 º C;
    - Relative humidity at +15 º C - no more than 80%.

Photos ШД-5Д

ShD-5D1 MU3 device image.
ShD-5D1 MU3 device image.
ShD-5D1 MU3 front view.
ShD-5D1 MU3 front view.
ShD-5D1 MU3 side view.
ShD-5D1 MU3 side view.
ShD-5D1 MU3 rear view.
ShD-5D1 MU3 rear view.
ShD-5D1 MU3 side view.
ShD-5D1 MU3 side view.