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ShM-4 MU3

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     Stepper motor ShD-4 MU3 (ShD-4 MU3; ShD4 MU3)
     Stepper motor ShD-4 MU3 - product with multiple windings, wherein the current supplied to one of the stator windings, causes fixation of the rotor, intended for use in machine tools and instrumentation, as well as computing mechanisms and automation.
     Step size - 1,5 º.
     Nominal pick-up - at least 800shag / s.

Mode of operation of ShD-4 MU3:

- Long, working out at a frequency of no more than 800 paces step / s;
     - Using a fixed parking intermittent reversible after each cycle at cycle 10 minutes, including 8 minutes at a frequency of 800shag / s, the rest of the cycle mode fixed parking.
     DC supply voltage - 24 ± 0,7 V.
     The current phase in the parking mode, fixed at a voltage of 24V, with two phases included - 3,5 ± 0,1 A.
     Supply frequency - 50 Hz.
     Weight-5.1 kg.

Specifications ShD-4 MU3

     Stepper motors ShD-4 MU3 allow static error mining step ± 20 min. Rated load inertia is 610 ± 6 kg / m 2.
     Rated load torque motors ShD-4 MU3 is 0,060 N'm. Maximum acceleration products at nominal voltage is 900shag / s.
     For stepper motors, ShD-4 MU3 Free clearance static torque when powered single-phase current of 3,5 ± 0,1 A is not less than 0,650 N'm.