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F1760-AD аmmeter image.

     The device F1760-AD ( F1760 AD; F-1760-AD,  F 1760 AD; F1760AD, F-1760 AD)
     Devices F1760-AD-narrow-profile single-channel instruments for measuring various parameters of the DC.
     Modifications to the unit-F1760.1-AD; F1760.2-AD; F1760.3-AD; F1760.4-AD; F1760A-AD; F1760K-AD.

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available: 43 pieces

    The device F1761-AD (F-1761 AD; F-1761-AD, F 1761 AD; F1761AD, F-1761 AD)
    Devices F1761-AD - discrete analog products designed to measure DC current and DC voltage.

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available: 37 pieces

    The device F1762-AD (F1762-AD; F-1762-AD, F 1762 AD; F1762AD, F-1762 AD)
    Devices F1762-AD - Digital tunable ammeters and voltmeters to measure DC current and voltage, as well as non-electrical quantities.

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available: 37 pieces

     The device F1765-AD (F-1765 AD; F-1765-AD, F 1765 AD; F1765AD, F-1765 AD)
     Devices F1765-AD - single-channel narrow-purpose instruments for measuring DC voltage and current, temperature.
     Power supply units:
     - Alternating current - 6V, 12V, 24V;
     - DC - 12V, 24V.

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