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    The device F1765-AD (1765 F-AD; F-1765-AD, 1765 AD F; F1765AD, F-1765 AD)
    Devices F1765-AD - single-channel narrow-profile devices for measuring DC voltage and current, and temperature measurements using standard resistance thermometers and thermocouples of different types (modification F1765.2-AD) as well as for signaling and regulation of controlled parameters at a deviation of the measured the value of the specified control zone.

    Here you will be able to purchase the following types of modifications made ​​by the F1765-AD:
Name Labeling Modification Range of measurement Price
Ammeters and voltmeters, DC F1765.1-AD XX-00-XX


-75mV, 0-75mV;
-20mA, 0-20mA;
4 mA to 20 mA
19 456 RUB. 4 864 UAH.


(With IWPR)
20 547 RUB. 5 137 UAH.
Temperature Meter F1765.2-AD XX-00-XX

from 0 ° C to +180 ° C

from -50 ° C to +600 ° C
from -200 ° C to +600 ° C
from 0 ° C to +1250 ° C
from 0 ° C to +800 ° C
from 0 ° C to +1000 ° C
20 031 RUB. 5 008 UAH.

    Possible modifications made ​​F1765.1-BP and BP-F1765.2 served in Table 1.

    Table 1.
Narrow-purpose devices F176.1-AD XX XX XX
F176.2-AD XX 00 XX
Code power supply unit    
12V AC or DC 01
24V AC or DC 02
6V DC 03
220V AC 04
Code external power supply voltage converters
without power 00
36V 01
24B 02
                                          Code of the instrument scale (model)
horizontal 01
vertical 02

    Devices F1765-AD can work with a converter of any electrical and non-electrical quantities, if the output signals of the transducers for the input signal devices.
    The device F1765-AD is designed for use in various industries, including nuclear power plants.

    Specifications F-1765-AD

    Power supply units:
    - Alternating current - 6V, 12V, 24V;
    - DC - 12V, 24V.

    Power consumption - less than 5W.
    Overall dimensions - 160 × 257 × 30mm.
    Weight - no more than 0.8 kg.
    F1765-AD allow the following error:
    - ± 0,1% of the measuring range (for F1765.1-AD horizontal design);
    - ± 0,25% of the measuring range (for F1765.2-AD vertical design);
    - ± 0,2% of the measuring range (for F1765.1-AD horizontal design);
    - ± 0,5% of the measuring range (for F1765.2-AD vertical design).

    Maximum switching current:
    - 2A  at a voltage 250V AC or 50V DC;
    - 0.3 A  at a voltage 250V DC.

    The device F1765-AD is designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from +5 ᵒ C to +50 ᵒ C;
    - Relative Humidity - 80% (at +25 ᵒ C)

    Time to failure of devices such as F1765-AD is 35,000 hours.
    The manufacturer guarantees that the F1765-AD devices to the technical requirements under normal use, storage, transportation and installation.
    Devices F1765-BP compliant, ensuring the safety of life, health, consumer and environmental protection.