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available: 61 pieces
R390 (P390) front view.
Incremental unit R390 (R-390, R 390)
Delivered to the narrow profile wattmeter D390 and D390 varmetram and similar;
Rated Voltage - 100V, 127V, 220V, 380V.
The dimensions of the auxiliary parts such as DU-DU-R390 and R391 - 160h80h83mm.

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R392 (P392)

available: 52 pieces
R392 (P392) device image.

R392 additional device is used with a phasemeter D392.

Dimensions - 160×80×270 mm.

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R700 (P700)

365 RUB   |   97 UAH   |  available: 51 pieces
R700 (P700) front view.

    Additional resistance R700 (P-700, R 700, R700, P-700, R 700)
    Additional resistance R700 (P700) - product used to extend the power meter measurement chapels D85.
    Accuracy class - 2.
    Voltage - 75V.
    Current - 5A.

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R8006 (P8006)

365 RUB   |   97 UAH   |  available: 51 pieces
R8006 (P8006) device image.

    Additional resistance R8006 (R 8006, R-8006; r8006; r 8006; r-8006)
    Product R8006 - a device used as an additional resistance ammeter type E8019.
    Dimensions - 90 × 100mm.

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