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R700 (P700)

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    Additional resistance R700 (P-700, R 700, R700, R-700, P 700)
    Additional resistance R700 - product used to extend the power meter measurement chapels D85.

    Accuracy class - 2.
    Voltage - 75V.
    Current - 5A.

    R700 are individual additional resistance applied only with the apparatus with which the calibration was performed.

    Structural features of R700

    External additional resistance R700 performed in a separate part in a special case. Incremental resistance R700 is made of a material which has a stable temperature coefficient of resistance. As a material used manganin. R700 manufactured manganine insulated wire which is wound on the frames as the coils or plates.

Photos: R700 (P700)

R700 (P700) front view.
R700 (P700) front view.
R700 (P700) side view (casing depth).
R700 (P700) side view (casing depth).
R700 (P700) rear view (connection).
R700 (P700) rear view (connection).