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     Additional unit BU1-13 (BU 1-13; BU113, BU-1-13, BU 13 1, bu 1-13; bu-1 13)
    The unit BU1-13 - accessory device used for temperature compensation of free ends of the thermocouple, and for zero suppression in devices with beznulevoy scale.

Structural features BU1-13

    Constructional unit BU1-13 - accessory device with a contact output, performed on a block-modular. Each unit BU1-13 consists of a base and a cover.     On the basis of strengthened - printed circuit board with assembly and the supply transformer.

Specifications BU1-13

    Additional units BU1-13 are designed for use in a millivolt type MVU6-41K.
    In addition to its main function blocks BU1-13 are being used as a two-or three-position signaling and regulation. Furthermore, blocks BU1-13 comprise an open circuit alarm device thermoelectric converter having a relay output, which in turn triggers an alarm.

Photos: BU1-13

BU1-13 front view. Zoom.
BU1-13 front view. Zoom.
BU1-13 side view (casing depth). Zoom.
BU1-13 side view (casing depth). Zoom.
BU1-13 rear view (connection). Zoom.
BU1-13 rear view (connection). Zoom.