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AOSN-20-220-75UKhL4 (AOSN 20 220 75 UKhL4, AOSN 20-220-75 UKhL; AOSN-20-220-75 UKhL4; aoch-20-220-75yKhl4; aoch 20 220 75 yhl 4; aoch 20-220 -75 yhl 4; aoch -20-220-75 yhl 4)

Transformer AOSN-20-220-75UKhL4 - a device designed for variable voltage AC power frequency 50 Hz.
Number of phases - 1.
Rated primary voltage - 220.
Nominal frequency - 50 Hz - 60 Hz.
Rated power:
- A one-hour operation - 5W.
- Continuous operation - 2kW.
Rated load current - 20A.
Mode - short.
Overall dimensions - 210 × 275 × 408mm.
Weight - 30kg.
Transformers AOSN-20-220-75UKhL4 commonly used when working in the electrical engineering laboratories, as well as for production purposes - to regulate the temperature in the muffle furnaces and thermostats that require voltage regulation.
Symbol structure AOSN-20-220-75UKhL4:
- A - auto-transformer;
- O - single phase;
- On the - dry-cooling;
- N - with load voltage regulation;
- 20 - nominal load current;
- 220 - the nominal primary voltage, V;
- 75 - the year of the start of series production;
- NF4 - climatic version and category according to GOST 15150-69.
Specifications AOSN-20-220-75UKhL4
AOSN-20-220-75UKhL4 has two adjustable circuit and can be operated in any position. Control limits of the secondary voltage in the range from 0 to 240. No-load current does not exceed 3A.
Schematic diagram AOSN-20-220-75UKhL4 filed in Fig. 1.

AOSN-20-220-75UKhL4 transformer schematic diagram.

Fig. 1. Schematic diagram AOSN-20-220-75UKhL4.
The rated current of the load in different modes transformer AOSN-20-220 filed 75UKhL4 in Table 1.
Table 1.
Mode Rated Load
Using a single pair of rollers The one hour 20A
Four- 18A
Using two pairs of rollers (one correction network, another voltage control) The one hour 14A
Four- 5.6 A
Regulation in two separate circuits (the current in each circuit) The one hour 10A
Four- 4A
Operating conditions AOSN-20-220-75UKhL4
Transformers AOSN-20-220-75UKhL4 designed for use in the following conditions:
- Height above sea level - up to 1000m;
- Environment nevryvoopasnaya, not containing conductive dust and corrosive gases and vapors at concentrations that destroy metal and insulation.