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Made in: 2018


Autotransformer ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 (ATSN 16-220-75UHL4, ATSN16-220-75UHL4)

Desined for variable voltage AC power frequency 50 Hz.
Nominal primary voltage of 220V
Control limit the secondary voltage at idle, a 5 +1-220-2
Rated load current 16A
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Number of phases 3

 Autotransformer ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 designed for variable voltage AC power frequency 50 Hz.
Auto-ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 used in various studies in electrical engineering laboratories, for example, to power-up transformers, the test fuses, relays regulation, automatic, current limiters, etc., as well as for production purposes - controlling the temperature in the muffle furnaces and thermostats, and other applications requiring voltage regulation.
Auto-ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 are designed to work in environments UHL and category 4 in accordance with GOST 15150-69, at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level, the environment explosive, not containing conductive dust, corrosive gases and vapors in concentrations destroy metal and insulation.
Autotransformer ATSN-16-220-75UHL4, top view

Autotransformer - ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 - top view

Autotransformer ATSN-16-220-75UHL4, side view

Autotransformer - ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 - side view

Autotransformer - ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 - side view

Symbol structure type autotransformer is interpreted as follows:
A - Auto transformer T - Three-phase
S - Dry-cooling
H - C load voltage regulation
16 - Nominal load current, A
220 - Nominal primary voltage,
75 - Year of production begins
NF4-Climatic version and category according to GOST 15150-69

Specifications for auto-transformer ATSN-16-220-75UHL4:
rated power for short-time work lasting 4 hours, 6 kVA
nominal primary voltage 220V
control limit of the secondary voltage at idle in 5 +1-220-2
rated load current 16A
nominal frequency 50Hz
no-load current 4A max
no-load losses, no more  
A level 80 +12 W
level B 150 +22 W
number of phases 3
the amount of controlled circuits 2
* The upper limit of the maximum stress is not limited.

Level A relates to transformers made ​​of electrical steel with specific losses less than 0.9 W / kg. Level B - no more than 1.1 W / kg.

Photos ATSN-16-220-75UHL4

ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 device image.
ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 device image.
ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 front view.
ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 front view.
ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 side view.
ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 side view.
ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 overhead view.
ATSN-16-220-75UHL4 overhead view.