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394S06 (394c06, 394С06) 394S06 portable calibrator.

394S06 (394c06, 394С06)

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Portable Calibrator 394S06 (394SO6)
Portable vibrokalibrator 394S06 is designed for rapid calibration vibroizmeritelnogo tract of field and laboratory conditions.
Portable calibrator generates a sinusoidal vibration of the prior (typically 10 m / s 2) and a known frequency (usually 159.2 Hz).
However, be aware that if the mass of the calibrated sensor exceeds the permissible value, then the parameters of the instrument calibrator 394S06 will deviate from the reference.
Technical characteristics of the devices portable calibrators 394S06:
PCB 394C06 (USA)
The operating frequency of the device portable calibrator 394S06
159.2 Hz ± 1%
9.81 m / s 2 (RMS) ± 3%
9.81 m / s 2 (RMS)
Moving around
9.81 m / s 2 (RMS)
The transverse vibration
Harmonic distortion device portable calibrator 394S06
<2% (0g-100g load)
<3% (100g-210g load)
Automatic shut-off
1 min-2, 5min
Operating Temperature
-10 º C. .. +50 º C
Dimensions (diameter x height) of the device portable calibrator 394S06
Mounting the device portable calibrator 394S06
Otvіr 10-32UNF;
Studs: 5-40/10-32; M3 X 0,5 / 10-32;
10-32/1/4-28; 10-32/10-32; 10-32/M6 X 0.75)
10-32/M5x0, 80