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Voltmeter S53

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Voltmeter S53 (S 53; S-53; c53; c-53).


Voltmeter S53 - portable electrostatic shield device for measuring voltage in DC and AC circuits in a wide range of frequencies.


Measurement Range: 150V.
Voltmeter accuracy class - 0.5.
Voltage - up to 3,000 volts.
Field Frequency: 2 MHz.
Overall dimensions - 365 × 355 × 135 mm.
Unit weight: not more than 8 kg.
According to the degree of protection against external magnetic influences voltmeter type S53 refers to the I category.
Technical characteristics
Voltmeters are available in S53 odnopredelnymi to different final values ​​of the working scale. S53 is produced in eight versions.
The devices have protection resistors, protecting the measuring equipment from being damaged by accidental circuit between the moving and fixed electrodes in the clean and jerk and overload. The device complies with GOST 8711-60 and TU 25-04-755-70.
Operating conditions
S53 voltmeters are designed to work indoors at ambient temperatures from -15 ° C to +35 ° C, relative humidity of 80%. Voltmeter S53 is sensitive to shocks and vibrations. When you work with devices up to 450V to 220V AC at a frequency of up to 300kHz measured voltage is recommended to include a protective resistor.

Photos: S53 (c53)