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V4-20 Voltmeter B4-20 Pulse.


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Voltmeter V4-20 pulse (V420, V-4-20, V 4 20, V-420, V 420)
V4-20 voltmeter designed to measure the pulse stroboscopic method of amplitude-time parameters of signals of pulse, pulse-modulated alternating current and the issuance of information in digital and analog form.
The combination of wide frequency and dynamic range with high accuracy (0.4%) and speed (105izm / s) allows the unit B4-20 as both a broadband AC voltmeter, voltmeter as a pulse, as a high-speed analog-digital converter and sampler signals, and when using an external display as a broadband digital stroboscopic oscilloscope.
Pulse voltmeter V4-20 provides accurate measurement of:
- Stress at a given time ("instantaneous");
- Amplitude, RMS voltage and srednevypryamlennyh periodic signals of arbitrary shape;
- The amplitude of single pulses;
- Temporal characteristics of periodic signals, including duration, frequency, rise time and fall time, the unevenness of the pulse.
The built-in controls the operating modes, performs self-diagnostic instrument voltmeter V4-20 pulse.Computational functions performed by the microprocessor, are characteristic of high-speed voltmeter.
In addition to measuring stress in absolute terms, the measurements are made in percentage and decibel level mounted with respect to, averaging the results for the selected number of measurements, the definition of extreme values, durations, periods, and some other pulse parameters.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters V4-20 pulse:
The high accuracy and speed in wide bandwidth (700 MHz).
The voltage range, as measured by the instrument voltmeter V4-20 Pulse - 1mV-1000V.
Frequency Range - 700MHz-0MGts.
The rise time of PF - 0.5 ns.
The main error in measuring instrument voltmeter V4-20 Pulse - 0.4% -2%.
Power requirements - 60V ∙ A.
Replaces: B4-4, B4-6, B4-12 B4-14, Q4-14 Q4-17, RV4-17, Q4-19 Q4-20, B9-5, S4-5.
Unit weight voltmeter V4-20 pulse - 10 kg.
Dimensions - 120h480h475mm.