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V4-4 (B4-4)

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     Voltmeter V4-4 (B4-4, V-4-4, V 4-4; v4-4; v-4-4; v 4-4)

    The unit V4-4 (B4-4) - pulse voltmeter designed to measure the amplitudes of the periodic pulse signal with a large duty cycle and amplitude of single pulses.

    - Videoipulsov - 3V-150V;
    - Radio pulses - 10V-150V.
    - Videopulses - 15V, 50V, 150V;
    - Radio pulses - 50V-150V.
    Power - AC 220V, 50Hz.
    Power Consumption - 140W.
    Overall dimensions - 285 × 280 × 390mm.
    Weight - 15kg.
    Pulse voltmeters V4-4 (B4-4) are typically used to Overcome Prospect and certification of radio equipment.

    Technical characteristics of the V4-4 (B4-4)
    Voltmeters V4-4 (B4-4) allow the measurement error, the value of which does not exceed ± (4-6)%. When measuring device videopulses V4-4 (B4-4) has the following specifications:
    - Pulse width - 0.01 ms - 200mks;
    - Pulse repetition - 0.02kGts - 10kHz;
    - Duty Cycle - more than 2;
- Input impedance - 5MOm.
    When measured with a voltmeter V4-4 (B4-4) radio pulses, the frequency of filling shall not exceed 300MHz.
    Operating conditions V4-4

    Voltmeters V4-4 (B4-4) are intended for use in the following conditions:
    - An ambient temperature range of +5 ° C to +40 ° C;
    - Relative humidity at a temperature of 25 ᵒ C - 90%.

Photos: V4-4 (B4-4)

V4-4 (B4-4) voltmeter image.
V4-4 (B4-4) voltmeter image.
V4-4 (B4-4) front view.
V4-4 (B4-4) front view.
V4-4 (B4-4) side view.
V4-4 (B4-4) side view.
V4-4 (B4-4) rear view.
V4-4 (B4-4) rear view.
V4-4 (B4-4) overhead view.
V4-4 (B4-4) overhead view.
V4-4 (B4-4) bottom view.
V4-4 (B4-4) bottom view.