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TSZI-2,5 Current transformer TSZI-2, 5.


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    TSZI transformer-2,5

    TSZI transformer-2,5 - Articles of the AC voltage is used to supply power, as well as local lighting bulbs from three-phase AC 50Hz voltage up to 660V for continuous operation under load.

    Number of phases: 3.
    Power: 2.5 kW.
    Primary voltage: 380 (220) B
    The voltage of the secondary windings: 130-225V.
    Line Frequency: 50 Hz.

    Connection scheme Un/U-0.
    Efficiency of at least 90%.
    Dimensions: 635 × 280 × 540mm.
    Weight: 23kg.

    The content of non-ferrous metals:
    - Copper: 7.65 kg;
    - Brass: 0.08 kg;
    - Aluminum: 0.003 kg.

    The type designation TSZI-2,5:
    - T - three phase;
    - C - dry;
    - 3 - protected;
    - And - for the power supply;
    - 2.5 - rated power, kW;
    - UHL2 - climatic version (UHL) and category of accommodation (2) in accordance with GOST 15150-69.

    Structural features

    Transformers TSZI-2,5 are laminated on the core of W-shaped stick-type electrical steel. Three coils are wound on a cardboard frames of copper wire. Isolation of primary and secondary windings of the product is made ​​by thermosetting binder class F according to GOST 8865-87.
    Conclusions windings are installed on the terminals thus to be able to switch the primary winding circuit in g D by changing the power supply voltage 380V to 220V respectively. To ensure the security and protection against dust and water, the transformer TSZI-2,5, housed in a metal casing with corrosion resistant coating. Connecting the power cables and the load is carried out through the holes in the top of the transformer housing.

    Technical features TSZI-2,5

    Transformers TSZI-2,5 have a protective cover.
    Figure. 1 shows a connection diagram TSZI-2,5.
TSZI-2,5 transformer primary winding scheme

The primary winding of the transformer.
TSZI-2, 5 transformer secondary winding scheme

The secondary winding of the transformer  

    Figure 1. Wiring diagram for the device.

   The products are designed to work indoors with an ambient temperature range from -45 ° C to +40 ° C. Environment - not explosive.
    TSZI-2,5 transformer should be kept in a closed unheated room with natural ventilation at temperatures from -50 º C to +40 º C in a shipping container, or without it. Room air, which houses the product must not contain a pair of acids, alkalis and other impurities, harmful effects on the materials from which the transformer is made. Allowable storage period is 3 years.