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Digital voltmeter CV2101 (CV-2101, CV 2101)
Digital voltmeter CV2101 designed to measure the effective values ​​of currents, to enter into the measurement result processing and registration information, as well as the transfer of measurement results via remote control.
Dimensions - 80h160h137, 5mm.
Accuracy class - 0.2.
Technical characteristics of the instrument digital voltmeters CV2101:
CV2101 voltmeters can be used in industrial enterprises and enterprises of electric power (CHP, hydro, power plant, nuclear power plants), the intersystem electric networks, as well as the enterprises of electrotechnical industry for a complete set of power equipment (switchboards, control panels, control panels, etc.).
Voltmeter CV2101 differs from the previously released a number of unique advantages:
- The ability to measure the mean-square (current) values ​​of the AC signals regardless of the signal curve;
- The presence of one of the outputs: RS232, RS485 or current output;
- Increased range of reference readings through the use of bright LED digits with the size up to 25mm;
- The presence of a block of settings, performing a comparison of the measured value with the given values, indication of the result of comparison, the presence of the output result of the comparison;
- The possibility of switching circuit loads on the comparison of the measured value with the specified dimensions within the range of two settings.
- Ability to work with standard measuring voltage transformers (VTs) with an output voltage 100 V;
- The possibility of introducing a scaling factor, which provides an indication of the measurement result in physical units, taking into account the transformation ratio of the external TN;
- Galvanic isolation of input, output circuits and supply;
- Increased reliability through the use of more reliable components, as well as by reducing their numbers, using an automated installation and soldering of components.
Each of the machines digital voltmeter CV2101 combines the two measuring devices - the converter being measured in the current or the digital signal and the measuring device with digital display.
Short conditional
product designation
Nominal value
the measured input signal XH
Unit price of LSB
TSV2101 - 001
0.1 mV
TSV2101 - 002
0.1 mV
TSV2101 - 003
0.1 mV
TSV2101 - 004
0.001 V
TSV2101 - 005
0.001 V
TSV2101 - 006
0.001 V
TSV2101 - 007
0.01 V
TSV2101 - 008
0.01 V
TSV2101 - 009
0.01 V
TSV2101 - 010
TSV2101 - 011
TSV2101 - 012
The limits of measurement
The limits of measurement instrument voltmeter CV2101
from 100mV to 500V (live), from 500V \ 100V to 750kV \ 100B (via TH \ 100V)
Class of accuracy
Acceptable forms of distortion curve of the measured signal
sine wave distortion factor of the measured voltage and current of up to 30% under the influence of harmonics from second to 13th.
Permitted overload on the input channel
- A voltage greater than 2 times the nominal value, for 2 hours.
The display device voltmeter CV2101 information
- The value of the measured values ​​in a 4-digit decimal number and a comma;
- Signs of settings ">", "=" and "<";
- The dimension of the "mv", "B", "kW";
Number of setpoints
The number of switched circuits
The parameters of switched circuits:
- Maximum voltage AC or DC
- The maximum switching current

no more than 100mA
Power supply unit voltmeter CV2101
~ Ot100V to 220V 50Hz or 100V = from do300V
Consumed power
no more than 10 V ∙ A
Overall dimensions
not more than 160 × 80 × 140mm
Digit height indicator device
not exceeding 1 kg
Operating conditions of the instrument voltmeter CV2101:
- Ambient air temperature;
- Relative humidity
from +5 º C to +50 ° C;
90% at 25 ° C.
Example of recording the instrument voltmeter CV2101 when ordering:
CV2101-XXX-Y-ZW, where XXX - upper measurement limit: 001mA 100mA-, 002mA, 50mA, 003mA, 10mA, 004A-1A-5A 005A 004 or 005, taking into account the transformation ratio - for measuring the external current transformer, the concrete value of the primary current transformer external ordering indicated in parentheses after the symbol:
Y - glow color indicators: R - red and B - green;
Z - Interface: 1 RS-232, 2 RS-485;
W - the presence of the inverter voltage measured in a standardized output signal power to DC conversion range:
- 1 - with an output current of 0 mA to 5 mA;
- 2 - with an output current of 4 mA to 20 mA;
- 3 - with an output current of 0 mA to 20 mA;
- 0 - there is no current output.
Example of recording device for measuring voltmeter CV2101 using an external current transformer with a value of primary current of 2 kA, the secondary current 5A, light color indicators - green, RS-485 interface, without the current output:
"Voltmeter CV2101 - 005-B-20 (2kA) TU 4221-034-71064713-2007"

Photos: TsV2101

TsV2101-012-K-20 device image.
TsV2101-012-K-20 device image.
TsV2101-012-K-20 front view (scale).
TsV2101-012-K-20 front view (scale).
TsV2101-012-K-20 side view (casing depth).
TsV2101-012-K-20 side view (casing depth).
TsV2101-012-K-20 rear view (connection).
TsV2101-012-K-20 rear view (connection).
TsV2101-012-K-20 overhead view.
TsV2101-012-K-20 overhead view.
TsV2101-012-K-20 bottom view.
TsV2101-012-K-20 bottom view.