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Voltmeter CV1504M digital single-channel, digital millivoltmeter CV1504M single-channel, single-channel digital kilovoltmeter CV1504M (CV 1504 M, CV-1504-M, CV-1504M, CV1504-M, CV1504 M)
Voltmeter CV1504M digital single-channel, digital milivoltmetr CV1504M single-channel, single-channel digital kilovoltmeter CV1504M, shock and vibration, splash-proof designed to measure DC signals and control the release of their value over the established limits, working in difficult conditions, in ship power plants and factories of various industries.
Measuring ranges instrument voltmeter CV1504M: 0V-1V, 0V-5V, 0V-10V, 2V-10V.
Powered by DC voltage of 27V ± 10%.
Input resistance - not less than 100 k / B.
Accuracy Class - 0.5.
Technical characteristics of the instrument digital voltmeters CV1504M single-channel, single channel digital millivoltmeters CV1504M, single-channel digital kilovoltmeters CV1504M:
Voltage drop applied to the input device signal corresponding to a finite value of range - 75mV ± 10%.
The range of reading digital voltmeter CV1504M running complete with sensor and the name of the physical quantities displayed on the front panel may be any according to the order.At the same time scale over the entire range of measurements are linear. The greatest value of the maximum reading range - 9999.Reading device is made on 4 seven-segment digital indicators and has a fixed point. Digit height - not less than 14 mm, color display - green.
Instrumental error TSV1504M expressed as a percentage of full scale range.
Limit of the basic reduced error of measurement and the trigger is ± 0,5%.
Limit of permissible additional error due to changes in ambient temperature at every 10 ° C from normal to either the entire range of operating temperatures, equal to ± 0,25%.
Limit of permissible additional error of the instrument CV1504M millivoltmeter caused by the simultaneous action of temperature plus 50 ° C and humidity 98%, equal to ± 1,0% of full scale range.
The device CV1504M kilovoltmeter does not have any errors from:
-Effect of an external magnetic field;
-Proximity of other similar devices or ferromagnetic shields;
-Action single-component vibration;
-Effects of electromagnetic interference to the normal form of a voltage 10mV and the general form of the voltage to 10V in a frequency range 50Hz-4000Hz;
High-exposure to 0.2 MPa (1520 mm Hg. Art.) And decreased to 0.08 MPa
(600 mm Hg. Art.) Atmospheric pressure;
-Time work.
CV1504M power consumption from the power supply does not exceed 10 V ⋅ A
Overall dimensions 120 × 80 × 160mm;
Unit weight - less than 1.2 kg.
Average life - at least 15 years.
Mean time between failures CV1504 in normal conditions of use - at least
Average recovery time operating state devices not more than 4 hours.

Photos CV1504M

TSV1504M front view (scale).
TSV1504M front view (scale).
TSV1504M side view (casing depth).
TSV1504M side view (casing depth).
TSV1504M rear view (connection).
TSV1504M rear view (connection).