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   Temperature measurer TsR8002 (TsR-8002, TsR 8002)

   Temperature measurer TsR8002 - digital device used for remote continuous temperature measurement switch the two output circuits (keys K1 and K2) in the temperature reaches values ​​specified by the operator, and the formation of a uniform output current signal proportional to the measured temperature.

    - With resistance - from -50 ᵒ C to +200 ᵒ C, from -100 ᵒ C to +600 ᵒ C;
    - With a thermoelectric converter - 0 - +600 ᵒ C, 0 - 1200 ᵒ C.

    Power consumption - 4W.
    Dimensions - 125 × 75 × 75mm.
    Weight - 0.5 kg.
    Meters TsR8002 type used in conjunction with RTD or thermocouple transducer (thermocouple). The device is designed for installation in panels and panels that provide protection against contact with live parts at hazardous voltage.
    Specifications TsR8002

    The meter works TsR8002 complete with resistance to static characteristics 50M (W = 1.4280 100 (50M1) or 100 W = 1.4260 (50m2)), and 50P (W = 1.3910 100 (50P1) or W = 100 1.3850 (50P2)), and thermoelectric converters with static characteristics of HA (A) and HC (L) (user selectable).
    Measuring range, depending on the type of sensing element, corresponds to the values ​​shown in Table 1. Readability of meter readings no more than 0,1 º C.

    Table 1.

Type of sensing element
Designation of the temperature sensor
Measurement range
RTD, according to GOST 6651 - 94
SCI, 50M, W 100 = 1.4280 (50M1)
-50 ᵒ C - +200 ᵒ C
SCI, 50M, W 100 = 1.4260 (50m2)
-50 ᵒ C - +200 ᵒ C
TSP, 50P, W 100 = 1.3910 (50P1)
-100 ᵒ C to +600 ᵒ C
TSP, 50P, W 100 = 1.3850 (50P2)
-100 ᵒ C to +600 ᵒ C
The thermoelectric converter
by STB GOST R 8.585-2004
0 - +600 ᵒ C
0 - +1200 ᵒ C

    Limit of acceptable basic error meter TSR8002 not exceed ± 0,5% (of full scale) on the testimony of a digital display and ± 1% (fiducial value 20mA) on the output current signal.
    Error switching output circuits does not exceed 1% of the measuring range.
    Range switching hysteresis output configuration circuits (twice the deviation from the target temperature) from 0 to 0.1 range.
    To gauge TsR8002 time is less than 30 minutes. Continuous operation time meter - at least 8 hours.

    The input, output circuits, power supply and meter body TSR8002 no galvanic connection between them. Electrical isolation between the different circuits the meter itself and in relation to the body under normal test conditions stand for 1 minute test voltage of an alternating current (RMS) is practically sinusoidal frequency from 45 Hz to 65 Hz, the magnitude of which:
    - 3.0 kV - between all circuits and meter housing;
    - 1.5 kV - between circuits and output circuits of the network on the one hand and the input circuits and output current paths on the other;
    - 0.5 kW - between the input circuits and output circuits.

    The insulation resistance between all circuits connected together, and the body of the meter TsR8002; between circuits and output circuits of the network on the one hand and the input circuits and output current paths on the other, between the input circuits and output current paths for different values ​​of the ambient temperature and relative humidity not less than:
    - 20MOm at (20 ± 5) ° C and a humidity of 80% (between the input circuits and output current paths 5 MW);
    - 5MOm at (50 ± 3) ° C and a humidity of 30% to 80% (between the input circuits and output current paths 1M);
    - 1M at a temperature (35 ± 3) ° C and humidity (95 ± 3)%.

    Limits of additional error meter TsR8002 due to changes in the external influencing factors do not exceed the values ​​shown in Table 2.

    Table 2

Influence quantity
Values ​​of working within the field of application
Limits of additional error meter
According to the displayed
On the output current signal
Environment temperature
-10 º C - +50 º C
± 0,25% for every 10 º C
± 0,5% every 10 º C
Supply voltage
195B - 253B
± 0,5%
± 1,0%
Load with current output
500 ohms - 1K
± 0,5%
The simultaneous change in resistance lines when working with resistance
0.1 Ohm to 10 Ohm
± 0,5%
± 0,5%
Exposure to high humidity
From normal conditions to 95% at 35 º C
± 0,75%
± 1,5%
Uniform external AC or DC magnetic field with the mains frequency
1mTl - 0.5 mT at the most unfavorable direction, and any phase
± 0,5%
± 0,5%
    Meter TsR8002 stable and resistant to sinusoidal vibration with the following parameters:
    - The range of frequencies from 10Hz to 55Hz;
    - The amplitude of displacement of 0.15 mm.

    Meter TsR8002 udaroustoychiv ranging effects of mechanical shocks with the following parameters:
    - Repeated blows with a peak shock acceleration of 100 m / s 2 (10g), the duration of the shock pulse - 16ms, the number of strokes in each direction - 1000;
    - Hitting a single action with a peak shock acceleration of 300 m / s 2 (30 g), a shock pulse duration - 6 ms, the number of strokes in each direction - 3.

    Meters TsR8002 heat and cold hardiness under conditions of ambient temperature from -10 ᵒ C to +50 º C. Meter heat and holodoustoychiv under conditions of ambient temperature from -50 ᵒ C to +60 º C.
    Meter TsR8002 stable and is resistant to a relative humidity of 95% at 35 º C. The product in the shipping container when exposed vlagoprochen 100% relative humidity at a temperature of 40 º C.
    Meter TsR8002  in shipping container withstands transport shaking frequency from 10Hz to 55Hz with a displacement amplitude of 0.35 mm. The meter can withstand without damage to break the load current output, output voltage does not exceed 30V.
    The amplitude of the output ripple current signal does not exceed 0.6% of full range output signal changes.

    TsR8002 meter is resistant to:
    - RF magnetic field;
    - Electrostatic discharge;
    - Fast transients;
    - Microsecond interference of high energy;
    - Dips, short interruptions and voltage variations.

    MTBF meter considering maintenance - 50,000 hours. Average life meter - 10 years.

    Storage TsR8002

    Storage warehouses meter TsR8002 made ​​on racks in original package at an ambient temperature of +5 ᵒ C to 40 ° C and a relative humidity of not more th 80% at a temperature of 25 ° C.
    The storage should be free of dust, corrosive gases, vapors, acids, alkalis and other substances that may cause corrosion.
    TsR8002 transportation by all modes of transport in closed vehicles. When transporting the meter TsR8002 not be mechanically damaged, hitting, pushing. Not allowed TsR8002 meter throw, handle with care, etc.

Photos: TsR8002

TsR8002 device image.
TsR8002 device image.