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CL2134 Wattmeter TSL2134.


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Wattmeter CL2134 (CL 2134, CS-2134)
Wattmeter TSL2134 designed to measure and record the power plants of electric power.
Dimensions - 160h80h140mm.
Technical characteristics of the devices wattmeters TSL2134:
Industrial companies can arrange for monitoring and recording of power consumption, and using the block settings to prompt alarm on exceeding the value of the power, the power supply organization declared as a limit.
Single-phase wattmeter TSL2134 devices allow you to:
- Measurement of active power in single-phase AC networks 50Hz;
- Exchange of information on the RS485 or RS232;
- A linear transformation of the measured power-Pnom. to + Pnom. output signal in a unified force from 0 mA DC to 5 mA, 0 mA to 20 mA of from 4 mA to 20 mA;
- Comparison of the measured value with the specified dimensions within the range of two settings (set point and set point in excess of the reduction). Setpoint unit wattmeter TSL2134 through software via RS485 or RS232 interface with a computer;
- Operation of the standard instrument transformers (CT) with an output current of 5 amps or standard voltage transformers (VTs) with an output voltage of 100V;
- The introduction of a scaling factor, which provides an indication of the measurement result in physical units, taking into account the transformation ratio of the external CT or VT;
Each of the instruments wattmeter TSL2134 combines the two measuring devices - the converter being measured in the current or the digital signal and the measuring device with digital display.
Rated power factor: cos φ = 1, sin φ = 1.
Assignment scheme include devices wattmeter TSL2134 (four-or three-wire) through software in the service mode via the RS-232 or RS-485.
Nominal value
Interphase voltage Un., B
Phase voltage Uf nom., B
The current phase Іnom., A
Power three-phase system Pnom., W
100 / √ 3V
866.0 Tues
173.2 Tues
380 / √ 3V
658.2 Tues
Note - When measuring the power of three-phase system with the use of external current and voltage transformers used appliance with an input voltage Un. Equal to 100V. The values ​​of the primary current and voltage transformers and external value of the secondary current Іnom. (1A or 5A) are given by the customer when ordering.
Measurement error of the instrument wattmeter CL2134
± 0,5%
Measurement error with non-uniform load phase
not more than 0.5%.
Acceptable forms of distortion curve of the measured signal
sine wave distortion factor of the measured voltage and current of up to 30% under the influence of harmonics from second to 13th.
Permitted overload on the input channel
- A voltage greater than 2 times the nominal value within 2 h;
- Two overload currents exceeding 7 times the rated value, the duration of 15s, with an interval of 60 seconds;
- Two overload currents exceeding 10 times the rated value, the duration of 5 s at intervals of 10 s;
- Five overload currents exceeding 20 times the rated value, the duration of 1 s, with an interval of 300C.
The display device wattmeter CL2134 information
- The value of the measured power in the form of
4-digit decimal number and a comma;
- Dimension "Tues", "kw", "MW";
- "-" Sign for the power output
- Signs of settings ">", "=" and "<";
- The message «OL» in excess of the measured power value 1.6 Hnom
Setting the number of comparisons
The number of switched circuits
The parameters of switched circuits:
- Maximum voltage AC or DC
- The maximum switching current

no more than 100mA
Supply voltage
~ Ot100V to 220V 50Hz or 100V = from do300V
Consumed by the device power wattmeter CL2134
- From the food chain
- From the circuit input signal to each successive chain
- From the input circuit for each branch circuit
Un up to 100V
for up to 380 Un

no more than 10 V ∙ A
no more than 2C ∙ A
0.2 A ∙
0.6 A ∙
Overall dimensions
not more than 160 × 80 × 140mm
Digit height indicator device
Unit weight wattmeter CL2134
not exceeding 1 kg
Operating conditions of use:
- Ambient air temperature
- Relative humidity

from +5 º C to +50 ° C;
90% at 25 ° C.
Symbol device wattmeter CL2134:
CL2134-XX-Y-ZW, where
XX: characterization of the input signal, where the first digit specifies the nominal voltage:
- 1 - 100V;
- 2 - 220;
- 3 - 380;
the second number specifies the rated current:
- 1 - 5A;
- 2 - 1A.
11 or 12 with the coefficients of transformation - the instrument for measuring the power meter CL2134 external current transformers and voltage, the specific value of the primary current and voltage transformers in the external order is in parentheses after the symbol.
- Y - glow color indicators;
- K - red;
- B - green;
- Z - Interface:
- 1 - RS-232;
- 2 - RS-485.
- W - presence in the unit converter CL2134 wattmeter reading a unified signal output power for a range of DC conversion:
- 1 - with an output current of 0 mA to 5 mA;
- 2 - with an output current of 4 mA to 20 mA;
- 3 - with an output current of 0 mA to 20 mA;
- 0 - there is no current output.
An example entry in order and in the technical documentation of other products:
- Single phase wattmeter CL2134 the input voltage of 220V and a rated input current of 1A, light color - red, exit to the RS-232 interface, the presence of the current output of 4 mA to 20 mA:
"Wattmeter CL2134-22 K-12 TU4221-033-71064713-2007".
- Single-phase power meter to measure using an external current transformer with a value of primary current 2kA, the value of secondary current 5A and external voltage transformer with a value of primary voltage 250kV, the value of secondary voltage 100V, indicator light color - green, RS-485 interface, without the current output:
"Wattmeter CL2134-11-B-20 (2kA, 250kV) TU4221-033-71064713-2007".