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CD2121 Frequency counter TSD2121.


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Frequency CD2121 (CD 2121, CD-2121)
Frequency CD2121 designed to measure the frequency of industrial networks with a nominal frequency of 50 Hz and can be used to determine the power quality at the enterprises producing and consuming electricity.
Dimensions - 100h60h111mm.
Technical characteristics of the devices CD2121 frequency counters:
Frequency CD2121 allow you to perform the following functions:
- Measuring the frequency of industrial networks AC, 50 Hz;
- Digital display of measurement results
- Exchange of information on the RS-485-USB or RS-232-USB;
- Conversion of the measured frequency of the output signal strength uniform direct current from 0 mA to 5 mA, 0 mA to 20 mA of from 4 mA to 20 mA;
- Circuit switching loads on the comparison of the measured frequency to the predefined set points.Setpoint through software via RS485 or RS232;
Each of the devices frequency CD2121 combines the two measuring devices - the converter being measured in the current or the digital signal and the measuring device with digital display.
Constructively in the form of panel meters and replace outdated items F205, F246, TSD2120.1, TSD2120.2.
Frequency range of measurement devices CD2121
45Hz to 55Hz from
Unit price of LSB
0,001 Hz
The measurement error
± 0,01% (0,005 Hz)
The voltage range of the input signal
from 0.1 to 264
The number of switched circuits
7 (two set points in excess of the frequency and five set points in the fall)
The parameters of switched circuits:
- Maximum voltage AC or DC
- The maximum switching current
no more than 100mA
Power supply frequency devices CD2121
220V 50Hz
Consumed power
no more than 15 V ∙ A
Overall dimensions
no more than 100 × 60 × 111mm
Digit height indicator device
Weight frequency devices CD2121
not more than 0.4 kg
Operating conditions of use:
- Ambient air temperature
- Relative humidity

from +5 º C to +50 ° C;
90% at 25 ° C.
Symbol devices CD2121 frequency when ordering:
CD2121-Y-ZWQ, where
Y - glow color indicators, and K - and B red - green;
Z - Interface:
- 1 RS-232-USB;
- 2 - RS-485-USB;
W - the current output:
- 1 - with an output current of 0 mA to 5 mA;
- 2 - 0 mA of output current up to 20mA;
- 3 - with an output current of 4 mA to 20 mA;
- 0 - there is no current output.
- 1 - Availability of settings;
- 0 - no setting.
An example entry in order and in the technical documentation of other products:
Frequency CD2121 with light color - red, exit to the RS-232-USB, the presence of the current output of 4 mA to 20 mA, with the settings:
"Frequency CD2121-K-131 TU4221-020-05798310-2004".