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Ts42306 Frequency counter TS42306 (C 42306, C-42306)


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    Frequency counter Ts42306 (Ts 42306, Ts-42306)

    Frequency counter Ts42306 - panel instrument used to measure the frequency of the alternating current.

    Accuracy class - 1.0.
    Measurement range - 45Hz - 55Hz, 450Hz - 550Hz.
    Dimensions - 96 × 96 × 100mm.
    Weight - 0.4 kg.
    Frequency Ts42306 made ​​on the basis of the electronic converter input signal into a DC and coil instrument. The latter has vnutriramochnym magnet and the movable part in the drill cores.     Length of the scale of the frequency TS42306 is 97mm.

    Specifications Ts42306

    Main technical characteristics that have frequency TS42306, filed in Table 1.

    Table 1.
Measurement range
Rated voltage
A way to incorporate
45Hz - 55Hz, 450Hz - 550Hz
127V, 220V, 380V
After a voltage transformer

    The residual deviation pointer Ts42306 frequency meters from the mark of the mechanical zero of the scale with a smooth traverse the pointer to that point from the most remote of the scale of it - no more than 97mm.
    Ts42306 Frequency counter measurement under the influence of various factors can prevent such errors:
    - If you change the frequency meters from its normal position by 5% - less than ± 0,5%;
    - Voltage deviates by ± 15% of nominal - less than ± 1,0%;
    - Under the influence of the external uniform magnetic field varying sinusoidally in time with the frequency equal to the frequency of the current flowing through the frequency counters measuring circuits, in the most unfavorable direction, and the phase of the magnetic field at the magnetic field intensity of 0.4 kA / m - ± 6,0% ;
    - With distorted voltage waveform by 15% - ± 1,0%;
    - Temperature deviates from the normal ambient air - ± 0,8% for every 10 ° C change in temperature;
    - With deviation from the normal relative humidity - ± 1,0%.

    Insulation between the case Ts42306 and isolated from the body of the electrical circuit in the normal conditions of use stand for 1 minute test voltage of AC 50 Hz ± 1 Hz value of 2 kV (rms).
    The insulation resistance between the case and isolated electrical circuit at least 20MOm.

    Frequency counter Ts42306 able to withstand the following loads:

    - Long-term overload voltage equal to 120% of the nominal value, for 2 hours;
    - One hit voltage exceeding twice the nominal value of 5 seconds;
    - Hitting an acceleration of 70m / s 2; frequency 10ud/min-50ud/min;
    - Vibrations of 15m / s 2 30Hz frequency.

    Devices such as Ts42306 suitable for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient air temperature - from -40 ᵒ C to +50 ᵒ C;
    - Relative humidity of the environment - 95% at +30 ᵒ C.

    Mean time between failures - not less than 16,000 hours, and the average lifespan is 10 years.

    Positioning and mounting Ts42306

    Frequency Ts42306 designed for flush mounting on vertical or horizontal panels (panels) made ​​as of the magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

    When installing Ts42306 need to adhere to the following rules:
    - Installation of equipment should be made ​​carefully, without distortions;
    - Fastening frequency counters Ts42306 panel must be rigid and not create additional stress;
    - Frequency counter Ts42306 during installation should be located away from sources of strong magnetic fields with a strength greater than 0.4 kA / m;
    - Appliances intended for inclusion in the network with a voltage of more than 650V, mounted on insulators of reach to touch.

    The manufacturer guarantees that the device specification requirements under normal use, storage, transportation and installation. Frequency corresponds to the requirements of Ts42306, ensuring the safety of life, health, consumer and environmental protection.