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Current transformer TF1t (TF-1-t, TF 1 t, TF1-t, TF1 t, TF-1t, TF 1t)

Current transformer TF1t designed to convert large quantities of AC frequency to 350Hz 1200Gts in a current of up to 1A. Works complete with ammeter AF1.
Technical characteristics of the instrument current transformers TF1t:
Functional devices at frequencies from 350Hz to 1200Gts, ambient temperature from -60 º C up to 150 ° C, relative humidity of 98% at 400°C, vibration acceleration to 4.5 and the vibration frequency from 20Hz to 200Hz, vibration resistance at frequencies from 20Hz up to 200 Hz. On the instrument, and the usual tropical;
Measurement range TF1t - from 0A, 25A, 50A, 75A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A;
The number of ampere-turns of the primary winding 100, 150, 200, 300;
Primary turns - 1, 2, 4;
Rated secondary current - 1A;
Rated frequency transformer TF1t - 400Hz;
Current error - not more than 0.5%;
Angular error - 40min ut;
Unit weight TF1t - 0.325 kg;
Dimensions - 95h75h32mm.

Photos TF1t

TF1t front view.
TF1t front view.
TF1t side view.
TF1t side view.
TF1t rear view.
TF1t rear view.