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Tachometer DT-2235B Contact tachometer DT-2235B.

Tachometer DT-2235B

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Contact Tachometer DT-2235B (DT2235B, DT 2235 B, DT-2235-B, DT-2235V, DT 2235B, DT2235 B, DT2235V, DT 2235 B, DT-2235-B, DT 2235V, DT2235 B)
Technical characteristics of the devices contact tachometers DT-2235B:
- Measurement of speed in the range of 0.5 rev / min to 19999ob/min;
- Select - 0.1 / min;
- Error of the instrument tachometer DT-2235B - 0,05%;
- High-contrast LCD display with 5 digits 10mm high digits;
- Memory device Tachometer DT-2235B contact: min, max, the latter value;
- Weight - 280g.
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