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The station for the functional verification Test Station.

The station for the functional verification

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The station for the functional verification

Technical characteristics of the instrument station for functional testing:

Station Dräger bump test is designed for functional testing (also known as performance testing or checking instrument response), portable measuring devices using gas.
Such testing is important, allowing you to check the gas flow to the sensor through the dust and water filter, sensor calibration is correct, the correctness of the settings and alarms, compliance instructions, standards or recommendations of local authorities.
Calibration gas cylinder is connected to a Dräger station. The station for the functional test includes the necessary gas regulator and a special adapter to connect the different devices. Check the device using a gas of known concentration - it is the only way to ensure reliable and accurate detection of hazardous gases. During the test, controlled by the reaction time and the proper operation of the sensor signal device functions.