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SKT-225-2DF Sine-cosine transformer SCT-225-2DF.


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Sine-cosine transformer SKT-225-2DF (SKT2252DF, SKT 225 2DF, SKT225-2DF, 2DF SKT225, SKT-2252DF, 2252DF CRT)
Sine-cosine transformer SKT-225-2DF designed to work in a transformer circuit for remote transmission of the rotation angle of the shaft, can be used as a sensor of angular position of control devices.
Is an electric induction micromachines AC sine concentric windings in which the mutual between the stator and rotor windings varies sinusoidally as a function of the angle of rotation of the rotor.
Sine-cosine transformer SKT-225-2DF designed to operate in conditions of increased stiffness.
Technical characteristics of the devices sine-cosine transformers SKT-225-2DF:
Accuracy Class - 0.1, 0.2, 0.35;
Electromagnetic asymmetry - no more than ± 3,5 ang., ± 7,0 ang., ± 10,0 ang.;
The ratio of the minimum voltage the device sine-cosine transformer SKT-225-2DF a slope - not more than 5.0 ang., 7.5 ang., 10.0 ang.;
The error of reproduction of the voltage on trigonometric laws - not more than 0.1%, 0.2%, 0.35%;
Maximum voltage device sine-cosine transformer SKT-225-2DF - 8B;
Current consumption - 50mA;
Dimensions unit sine-cosine transformer SKT-225-2DF:
- Diameter - 25mm;
- Length - 47.3 mm;
Weight - 0.09 kg;
Power supply unit sine-cosine transformer SKT-225-2DF - 8,5B;
Frequency - 400 Hz.