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Spectrum analyzer SK4-58 (SK458, SK-4-58, SK 4 58, ck4-58, SK-458, SK 458, ck458, ck-4-58, ck 4 58, ck-458, ck 458)

Spectrum analyzer SK4-58 is designed to study the spectra of periodic arbitrary waveform and modulation of the spectrum of stationary noise, the frequency characteristics of two-for selective measurement of the frequency and levels of periodic signals.
Spectrum Analyzers SK4-58 consist of:
- Indicator YA40-0830 with intermediate frequency unit YA4S-54;
- Block low frequency YA4S-56.
Multi-functional devices allows them to monitor and examine various radio devices: transmitters, frequency converters, amplifiers, filters, modulators, mixers.
Technical characteristics of the instrument spectrum analyzer SK4-58:
Frequency - 0.4 kHz 600kGts;
Span the instrument spectrum analyzer SK4-58 - 200 Hz-200 kHz in discrete steps;
The bandwidth at -3 dB - 0.1 kHz, 0.3 kHz, 1 kHz, 3 kHz;
Frequency measurement error - ± (10 -6 ƒ + T +1 / T) Hz;
The noise floor of the spectrum analyzer instrument SK4-58, shown to the door - 0.14 uV (10kHz-600kGts), 0.42 mV (0.4 kHz to 10 kHz);
The dynamic range of harmonic distortion - 70 dB;
The weakening of the channel side of reception - 70 dB;
Measurement range of levels:
- Input device - 80nV-80mV;
- With external divider - 80nV-8B;
Tolerance input attenuator spectrum analyzer instrument CK4-58 - ± 3%;
IF attenuator error - ± 4%, ± 6%;
The error indicator - ± 4%;
The error of the logarithmic scale amplitudes instrument spectrum analyzer SK4-58 - from ± 2 dB to 70 dB;
The error signal at the fundamental calibrator - ± 2%;
Flatness - ± 6%;
The dynamic range of frequency response measurements - 130dB;
Sweep period - from 0.01 to 20c;
The presence of the detector outputs and scan the device spectrum analyzer SK4-58 - yes;
The presence of tracking signal - there is;
Input impedance - 50 ohms, 600 ohms, 100 ohms ∙ March 10;
Terms of use of the appliance spectrum analyzer SK4-58 - than +5 º C to +40 º C;
Relative humidity - 95% at +30 º C;
Dimensions - 160h480h555mm;
Weight of the device spectrum analyzer SK4-58 - 48kg.

Photos: SK4-58

SK4-58 analyzer image.
SK4-58 analyzer image.
SK4-58 front view.
SK4-58 front view.
SK4-58 side view.
SK4-58 side view.
SK4-58 rear view.
SK4-58 rear view.
SK4-58 overhead view.
SK4-58 overhead view.
SK4-58 bottom view.
SK4-58 bottom view.