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Shunt 75SHSMT2 75A Shunt measuring stationary 75SHSMT2 75A.

Shunt 75SHSMT2 75A

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Shunt measuring steady 75SHSMT2 75A (75SHSM-T2, 75SHSM T2)
Shunt measuring steady 75SHSMT2 75A is intended to limit the extension of measurement DC ammeters and counters Cove ampere-hours.
Product Specifications stationary measuring shunts 75SHSMT2 75A:
Accuracy class - 0.5;
The voltage drop across the terminals of the potential for all grafts at rated current is 75mV;
Rated current - 75A;
Nominal impedance shunt measuring stationary products 75SHSMT2 75A - 1000 mkOm;
Limits of error of shunt - ± 0,5%;
Maximum permissible variation of the resistance values ​​of the shunt products 75SHSMT2 75A measuring stationary, appearing as a result of termoelektrodvi zhuschey power at nominal load current is equal to half the absolute value of the limit of permissible basic error STI shunt;
Maximum permissible variations in the values ​​of shunt resistance, which has two or more current clips on each side, resulting from the unequal distribution of power in the place of summing up the current to shunt off with one Toko vomu clamp on each side of the shunt is equal to half the absolute value of the limit of permissible basic error;
Shunt 75SHSMT2 75A measuring steady-state is designed to operate at approximately rounding the air from -40 º C to +50 ° C and a relative humidity of 95% (at 40 ° C);
Shunts, intended for export to areas with cold-temperate and tropical climates, supplying lyayutsya for operation at temperatures from -40 º C to +50 ° C and a relative humidity of 90% (at 35 ° C) and IME UT designation 75SHSMM3 and 75SHSMT2;
Overall dimensions of the product 75SHSMT2 75A shunt measuring the stationary (non-current and potential terminals) - 120h22h12mm;
Weight - 0.19 kg;
The average lifetime of shunts to the cancellation - not less than 15 years.

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