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ShCh96-2A-4,0-5V-RS-K,0,2 The device SCH96-2A-4 ,0-5V-RS-R, 0.2.


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The device SCH96-2A-4,0-5V-RS-K,0,2 (SCH96 2A 4,0 5V RS K,0,2)
Accuracy class - 0.4.
Technical characteristics of the devices devices SCH96-2A-4,0-5V-RS-K,0,2:
Measuring range - 20 mA;
The number of decimal places - 3.5;
Power supply SCH96-2A-4,0-5V-RS-K,0,2 - 85V from 242V-RS to AC 50Hz, 100V or 265V to DC-RS;
The red color of the indicators;
Accuracy class SCH96-2A-4,0-5V-RS-K,0,2 - 0.4.
SCH96-20mA-3 ,5-220VU-K, accuracy class 0.4.