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SHCH402-M1 (Щ402-М1)

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Digital Bridge SHCH402-M1 (SHCH402 M1, SHCH402M1)
Is designed to measure DC resistance in the range: 0.001-1 000 000 000 000 000 Ohm.
Accuracy class: 1.0 / 0.5 (0.01-0.1 Ohm), 0.5 / 0.05 (0.1-1 Ohm), 0.05 / 0.05 (1,0-10 Ohm), 0.05 (10 Ohm - 50 GOhm), 0.2 (50 GOhm - 1TOhm), 0.5 (1TOhm-2TOhm), 1.0 (2TOhm-5TOhm), 2.0 (5TOhm-10TOhm ), 5.0 (10TOhm-20TOhm), 10.0 (20TOhm-100TOhm), 60.0 (100TOhm-1000TOhm)
Automatic selection of measurement range.
Digital Bridge SHCH402-M1, designed to measure DC electrical resistance (hereinafter - resistance) in the range 1·10-3Ohm - 1·104Ohm with a use of four-meaning scheme and connection of special measuring object (hereinafter - measured resistance) with a use of  connecting cable and cables connectors  in range 1·104Ohm - 1·1015Ohm of two- meaning scheme of connecting measured resistance in internal measuring chamber or by using a connecting cable.
Digital Bridges SHCH402-M1 are portable devices.
Operating conditions: temperature 10-35 ° C, relative humidity 80% at 25 ° C, atmospheric pressure 84-106,7 kPa (630-800 mmHg).
Technical characteristics     
Digital Bridge SHCH402-M1 provides resistance measure in range of 1·10-3- 1·1015 Ohm. The number of devices reading decades - five. Quantization stage is equal to one LSB.
    Bridge power is from  AC network is - voltage (220 +22 / -33)V and frequency (50 ± 1) Hz. AC Power consumption is not more than 40 V A.
Acceptable basic error limit (hereinafter - basic error) of bridge (in percentage) should be determined by the formula
δn = ± [c + d (Rk/Rx-1)], (1)
where c, d - constants for given measurement range according to Table 1;
Rk - max measured range, Ohm;
Rx - measured resistance, Ohm;
Normal conditions of use (test): ambient temperature measurement ranges, ° C:
    1·10-3 - 1·10-1, 2·1012 -1·1015 Оhm - 10-35
    1·10-1 - 1.0; 5·1010 - 2·1012 Оhm - (20±5)
    1·0-5·1010 Оhm - (20±2)
   Table 1
Measurement range, Ohm
Accuracy class (c/d)
Measured resistance power, Watt, not more than
Measured resistance minimum voltage
Umin, V
Measured resistance nominal voltage,
Unom, V
1·10-3Ohm -1·10-1Ohm
   0.02 Watt
1·10-1Ohm -1.0Ohm
1.0Ohm -10Ohm
10Ohm -1·102Ohm
1·102Ohm -1·103Ohm
1·103Ohm -1·104Ohm
1·104Ohm -1·105Ohm
1·10-5Ohm -1·106Ohm
1·106Ohm -1·107Ohm
1·107Ohm -1·108Ohm
1·108Ohm -1·109Ohm
1·109Ohm -1·1010Ohm
1·1010Ohm -5·1010Ohm
5·1010Ohm -1·1012Ohm
1·1012Ohm -2·1012Ohm
2·1012Ohm -5·1012Ohm
5·1012Ohm -1·1013Ohm
1·1013Ohm -2·1013Ohm
2·1013Ohm - 1·1014Ohm
1·1014Ohm -1·1015Ohm
Acceptable basic error of voltage installation on measured resistance is not more than +10% of installed voltage. Voltage on measured resistance during potentiometer installation to most right position is not more than 300 V.
Digital Bridge SHCH402-M1 measurement time does not exceed:
4 s for measurement range 1·10-3- 1·1012 Ohm;
8 s for measurement range 1·1012 -1·1015 Ohm. 
Time for bridges set up into operating mode is not more than 1 hour. Continuous operation time of bridge is at least 16 hours. Another bridge turn on is allowed after interval equal to time required for operating mode establishing.
Digital Bridge SHCH402-M1 has an output for digital printing device SHCH68400 (hereinafter CPY) in binary-decimal code 8-4-2-1, with high voltage level (logic "1") should be from 2.4 to 5.25 V and for low (logical "0") - from 0 to 0.5 V.
Bridge has a non-periodic (single) and periodic operation modes provided by the manual start. Minimum indication time does not exceed 2 seconds. Maximum indication time is at least 5 seconds.
Digital Bridge SHCH402-M1 has automatic range selection. Insulation electric strength between case of bridge and isolated from case  by AC circuit 1.5 kV.
Insulation resistance between AC power circuit and bridge case, while holding power button, is at least 100 MOhm.
Bridge dimensions 160x440x400 mm. Bridge weight is not more than 18 kg,  set weight is not more than 2 kg. Average operating time in accordance to maintenance regulated by passport,  is 8000 hours of working condition.
Fixed-failure operating time is at least 650 hours for working conditions at confidence level 0.9. Average operating recovery condition bridge time is not more than 4 hours. Full average service and Digital Bridge SHCH402-M1 set service is at least 10 and 3 years, accordingly.  

Photos SHCH402-M1 (Щ402-М1)

Shch402-M1 device image.
Shch402-M1 device image.
Shch402-M1 front view.
Shch402-M1 front view.
Shch402-M1 side view.
Shch402-M1 side view.
Shch402-M1 rear view.
Shch402-M1 rear view.
Shch402-M1 overhead view.
Shch402-M1 overhead view.
Shch402-M1 bottom view.
Shch402-M1 bottom view.