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Digital voltmeter Shch1312

Also this device can be called: Shch 1312, Shch-1312.


Shch1312 digital voltmeter is designed to measure DC voltage.


Voltmeters Shch1312 have access to external digital printer device containing signals the start of the press, and the polarity of the sub-band measurements in a single positional code signal and the measurement result in the code 8-4-2-1.


Specifications Shch1312:


Measuring range - from 0 to 500 V.

Input impedance - (1±0,01) MOhm.

Switching subbands - manual.

Polarity selection - automatic.

Subbands measurements - 1,6 V; 16; 160 V; 500 V.

The possibility of increasing the input impedance on subband 1,6 V - up to 100 MOhm.


Measurement time:

- no filter - not more than 20 ms;

- filter - not more than 2 s.


Modes voltmeter - one-time; remote; periodic.

Voltage corresponding to the logical "1" - 3 V±20%.

Voltage corresponding to the logical "0" - from 0 to 0,3 V.

The load current - is not more than 0,5 mA.

Calibration Shch1312 - once a month.

Warm-up time - not more than 30 min.

Power consumption - not more than 22 V·A.

The confidence uptime - 0,8.

MTBF - not less than 1250 hours.

Dimensions - 200×125×253 mm.

Voltmeters weight - not more than 4,5 kg.


Operating conditions Shch1312:


Ambient temperature - +10° C to +35° C.

Relative humidity at +30° C - 80%.

Supply voltage - (220±22) V.

Supply frequency - (50±0,5) V.


Structurally Shch1312 voltmeters are designed as portable laboratory instruments.

Photos: Shch1312

Shch1312 device image.
Shch1312 device image.
Shch1312 front view.
Shch1312 front view.
Shch1312 side view.
Shch1312 side view.
Shch1312 rear view.
Shch1312 rear view.
Shch1312 overhead view.
Shch1312 overhead view.
Shch1312 bottom view.
Shch1312 bottom view.